Walking Marathon Streekbos



I had the weekend of, zo I looked at a Dutch walking site if there was something to walk in the
neighborhood, and yes there was, from the town Bovenkarspel they organized a walking marathon.
On Sunday 27th of September I good start between 7 and 8 for 42 Km that I want to walk.
The conditions where perfect, about 15 Celsius, no wind and a little fog, what results in some
very nice pictures with the sunrise in the background around that time of day.
The start was from a recreation centre called Streekbos ( That's why this walk is called like that  )
where I good write myself in and start.
First you pass a sand beach and you walk over the recreation centre to get to the other site where you
cross a road to get in a area from Staatsbosbeheer ( they take care off nature parks )
There you follow a nice walking / bicycle path what runs through that area.
After this nice start you walk through different small towns like Stede Broek, Grootebroek and Bovenkarspel
to go in the direction off the old Southern sea town / harbor Enkhuizen.
In Enkhuizen the route brings you off course through the harbor and also under need the gateway the Dromedaris.
When you leave Enkhuizen behind you, you follow the dike next to the IJsselmeer, here you pass the
lighthouse near Andijk, at the small town Kerkbuurt the route goes of the dike through the town and the back
on the dike to follow the route all the way in the direction of Wervershoof.
When you let Wervershoof behind you, you come on the last part off the route what brings you back in the
nature area from Staatsbosbeheer.
Here you must take some fences because in the area are walking cows who take care of the area.
Also you have here a lot of small lakes and canals what you not expect over here.
In this area is also a observation post  where you should have a nice view over a lake with a lot of
different birds, but the bridge to the point had to be replaced, so it was gone.
From there its not long anymore to the finish.
At the finish there was 1 lady sitting who give you your medal and a stamp in your walking book if you have that.
Conclusion, nice walk near the IJsselmeer with beautiful views.
Distance you could do where 10,5 ,21 and 42 Km ( marathon distance ) at the stamping post they have
something to drink and eat for you ( water, apple, candy bar ) but its wise to take something with you.
The route goes 90% over asphalt, and the last part more through the fields with cows, what is not easy to walk.
I think I will not be back here, but you never know.

This are the pictures of Walking Marathon Streekbos, A very nice sunrise, color full entree at Stede broek,
Harbor near Bovenkarspel called the Kolk, Gateway the Dromedaris, Lighthouse near Andijk.


More info on there site: www.nordicwalkingschool.nl/p/evenementen/wandelmarathon-streekbos ( only in dutch )

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Update on 05 October '09