Motorcycle trip Sweden and Norway 2014
16 - 01 - 2015
This year we should go in June again on a motorcycle trip with 5 guys, but who good not pic a date. One of the guys had to to this and another had something else to do. Also I had already planned something (Alkmaar walking four days) in the week we wanted to go. Eventually we did not go what was a pity. Gladly I also had other vacation plans, but what I did not planned was to go on my motorcycle to Sweden and Norway. I would go that way in the car and bring my mother, but because of her health she not came along with me. Then the idea came to me to go on my new Truimph Tiger Explorer. This bike I bought in May, with exchange of my blue Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird. A different but much relaxere driving experiance you get, no longer hanging on your wrists but sitting upright with a wide handlebar in your hands. It became a very nice trip with quite a lot of kilometers, with 5,350 kilometers in 16 days through 4 countries. The first day I stopt at a campingsite in Nyborg, Denmark.  With view on the Storebealtsbridge that I have to cross the next day to go into the direction of Sweden. Day 2 I drove into Sweden over the Öresund Bridge near Malmö, to drive from there to Landskrona and visit an old castle called the Citadel, built in the 16th century. After visiting the Citadel I rode on over the E4 to Värnamo, there I turned onto the 153 towards Borås. Passing Trollhattan I finally came to a campingsite in Rösäter next to a nice lake. Day 3 I drove from Rösäter through Bengtfors, Årjäng and Arvika, where I did a canoe holiday in 1990, driving further to Mora then continue on to Sollefteå where some friends of me live. I've been here a week and did a 3 day walking event and went on a trip of 200 Km to Obbola where another friend is moved to and lives there now since 2013. After my week in Sweden, I headed off to a walking event in Verdalsora in Norway. This 2 day walking event, I walked together with my Swedish friends who were also there to walk here. After these two walking days came my best riding days. From Verdalsora I drove through Trondheim to Kristiansund where the Atlantic Coast route starts. This route is a beautiful destination for many motorcyclists me his route right along the coast. Luckily I had decent weather because if you drive here with bad weather then you have the change to be washed by seawater. In this 8 kilometer route is a beautiful bridge called the Storseisundet bridge. If you drive onto the bridge you don’t see the end and you have the feeling that you are going to be launched, Once you are on the top you see again that you can go down on the other side, offcourse you stop to take some pictures. Before my departure from the Netherlands I received an email from visit Norway and this was about the Geirangerfjord. I looks so beautiful that I decided to see where it was, I found out that it was less than 120 kilometers from the Atlantic coast route. So for me it was an easy decision to go to the Geirangerfjord. Along the way I drove a very nice route with sometimes a ferry that you had to take to get over a fjord, then I came to this brilliant road for motorcyclists, namely the Trollstigen. This road with a rise rate of 9 percent has 11 hairpins and a waterfall where you drive along. When you come up at the top, is there a viewing point that gives you a magnificent view of the road. After spending the night in a cabin at a campsite within 15 km of the Geirangerfjord I went the next day on my way. At 9pm I stand on a platform at 620 meters above the Geiranger Fjord. What an impressive and beautiful place is that, what a view, you feeling you very small in this large fjord. To get to the village of Geiranger, you have to take some hairpins, 11 to be exactly, and if you then leave the village behind you, you go up again and take another 8 hairpins and you stay on the 63. This road winds its way through the beautiful Norwegian landscape, here you can open the throttle because there’s almost no traffic. Eventually I came out on the E6 to Oslo, this road took a lot of time because of roadworks over almost 30 Km, but on the other hand, I did came along the Olympic Villages of Lillehammers and Hamar where the Olympic skating temple is standing called the Vikingskipet. Very nice to see that during my trip. After a long day of driving, I came in Larvik where I shall take the next day the ferry towards Hirtshals in Denmark. But first I had to put up my tent for the last time in this trip at a campsite on the coast of Larvik. Early in the morning I took the ferry from 7:30 who brings me to Denmark in about 3.5 hours. Then it was still more than 900 kilometers to get home. Eventually I got home safely and I am a few moments richer. Hopefully next year another nice ride with the other guys.
The first stop in Germany, stretch my legs and taking pictures. A castle from the 16century called the Citadel in Landskrona, Sweden. Starting my BBQ on the camping in Rösäter. After a lot off rain during the night is my bike standing in a puddle of water. This locks I passed in 1990 in a cano. On my way in Norway next to one off those many fjords. Another stop at a nice spot. With a ferry yo can accross a fjord. Again this nice constructed bridge. This is the Trollstigenroad, a nice road with 11 hairpins. The next nice view, this time the Geirangerfjord. From that side the cruise ships come in. Just like somebody from Japan, a picture infront off a famous attraction. The Geirangerfjord seen from the other side of the fjord. This is the Vikingskipet in Hamar, Norway, a famous speedskating icestadium. Nice rough natur with still some snow on top off the mountain, and that in August. Here the Trollstigenroad from above. The bike is ready for a roadtrip to Scandinavia. View from beachcamping on the Storebealtsbridge. Sun going down in Sollefteå, Sweden. Just a nice picture, thats what I thought. This is the Storseisundet bridge that you can find on the Atlantic coast route. So often you see fun things next to the road. A nice holidayhouse on the coast off Larvik, Norway.
Downhere a link to a 360 degrees view on the Trollstigenmountain road.
I made of my vacation a 35 minut during movie that you can see on this link below.
Downhere a link to my page with all my own taken movies