Welcome at the Bergenaar                                                            

This is the website off a Bergenaar, that's someone borne and raised in Bergen ( NH ).
Why this site, why not? Everybody has something to say or like to share something with other people.
So do I, if you do something with it is just to yourself.
Because I live in the beautiful town off Bergen I also place here some tourist information,
so I hope you like it what I have done overhere, enjoy the site and have fun.


Who is this Bergenaar that bring's you all this stuff.
Well if you look at his personal pages that are down here then you see that he likes to watch Movies, Driving his Motorcycles,
has fun on Vacation and doing Walking events.
So take a look around.

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Who is family of the Bergenaar that can you see when you use the link below.




Overhere some tourist information

                   Click here to see pictures from the area around of Bergen

                    For tourist information look here: www.vvvbergen.com or go here www.visitmybergen.nl 

   Bergen is famous about his beach, but how do you come there   www.reachthebeach.nl

                                       Bergen on Wikipedia:  http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bergen_(Noord-Holland)

  Ins and outs from Bergen  (only in Dutch) :   www.flessenpostuitbergen.nl 



de-bergenaar@quicknet.nl of info@de-bergenaar.nl