This is my Holiday page, My favourite spots in the world for summer holidays are America and Scandinavia,
this is where I spent the most time when I went on vacation, for winter holidays I mostly go too Austria or also America to do some skiing.


America is and always will be one of my favourite destinations, Iím coming there since 1983 when I went for the first time alone on holiday,
and yep it was over the ocean to the other side of the world. In America there was family waiting on me on the local airport of St. Louis,
but because they could not remember me from the last family party in 1980, where they waiting with a picture of me (one I did not look like anymore).
In the weeks that I was there my niece showed me around and took me too al kinds of tourist things in St. Louis and around it.
That was as example the Budweiser beer factory ( ) who has there biggest brewery standing in St. Louis and the Arch
better knows as the gateway arch gate to the west, a architecture high stand of stainless steel where you can go in up to the top and have a
marvellous view on the city of St. Louis with the Mississippi river running through it.( more about the Arch and for tickets go to )
Also did we go one day to Six flags and did we visit the Merrimac Caverns ( more about this on ) what was the hideout for
the outlaw Jesse James. That was a fun vacation to do so I went back in the years, 84, 85 and 1986.
Then I did not go for a couple of years till a cousin in the Netherlands ask if I want to go with him, so there we go again in 1989.
Together with my cousin and this time my Aunt who showed us around we visit a lot of things I already saw in the years before and some new things off course. After this vacation it was till 1994 that I went back for the wedding of my niece and decided to make it a three month vacation,
in those three months I went through 21 states, I started in Boston where my cousin (her brother) was moved to, and the farthest city I reached was Las Vegas,
I did not stopped there because I went on through Utah to go to the north side of the Grand Canyon ( ),
but when I almost was there it was closed because of to much snow.( this was in April) On this trip of three months I did and saw some fun things,
first I went to Buffalo Ny to visit a girl from my neighbourhood who immigrated to the US, and because the Niagara falls are there to I went there to see that.
Other things I saw where the grave of James Dean, Lincoln and off course Elvis Presley what is on Graceland.
When I driving from spot to spot I passed the city of Bowling Green Ky where the Corvette factory is standing
( tours on the factory at ) and not far from there (in American standards) is the town Lynchburg Tn.
better known for Jack Daniels whiskey so I had to stop there to visit the distillery (Tour at Distillery )
just like I did in Denver Colorado at the Coors beer factory.  ( )
There's to much to tell about but some things are just interesting to tell about like NASA's Marshall Space Flight Centre in Huntsville, Alabama,
here is so much to see when your interested are in Space-travel. Because you must eat sometimes and I saw a Hooters restaurant ( )
I went in for a burger, for Americans this is a big deal those girls in tight T-shirts and very short paints,
I must say it looks very nice and the curly fries were very tasty.
When I went through Texas I visit there a wax museum (famous People) a oil museum and a Ripley's believe or not museum,
when I passed the city of Lubbock I stopped at the Buddy Holly walk of fame, I thought it was something big but is was not so a little disappointing,
later on I reached Amarillo and because it was almost diner time I stopped at a steakhouse with the name The Big Texan,
here you good get a free diner but you must eat then 72 oz. steak (2250 gr) with entree and dessert within a our,
because I was not that hungry I took a 16 oz. steak what is still 500 gram.( more info the Big Texan at )
On the wedding I meet some people who lived in Scottsdale Arizona, so that was a good reason to go in that direction and also because
of the Grand Canyon who is in the north of Arizona. So after a couple of days in Scottsdale I went up to the Red Rocks of Sedona and The Hoover dam.
From there I went through Las Vegas like I told already on the beginning.
Finally I must go where it all started and that was Boston so there we go on the way back.
On my way back I passed again some nice things like Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs where a very nice church is standing and
after a day skiing on Copper Mountain ( ) later on the way home I passed in Indiana the
city Indianapolis home off the Indy 500 race so I had to stop there to visit that motor speedway,(
Yes I three months you get a good impression of the country and people who living there,
this was a trip Iíll never forget and I want to do again in the future but then I want to visit some other states.

I had then not yet a digital camera so I did find some pictures on the internet, 1 The Arch in St. Louis, 2 Grand Canyon, 3 Hoover Dam,
4 Jack Daniels in Lynchburg and the grave of Elvis Presley op Graceland
, 6, 7 and 8 are Hooters Girls.

Since 2000 I went to America for some skiing also and I infected my cousin with the ski virus too,
when Iím telling people that I went skiing in the US they always ask if that was in Colorado in places like Breckenridge,
Vail of Aspen and than I have to disappoint them and say no and that I ski in New England (Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont)
Why are you going there and can you ski there they ask I answer always, yes you can ski there very good and because my cousin is living there it
save's me a lot of money on hotels. (I'm always bring something with me for him and his girlfriend like Dutch chocolate, cheese and more other stuff)
You can go skiing there in ski area's like Mount Sunapee, Loon Mountain, Bretton woods, Cannon Mountain and Gunstock, all with very
wide slopes and night skiing, and for lunch instead of Austrian bockwurst of Sausage you get hamburgers or hotdogs with your fries.
Here's a link if you like some New Hampshire ski information , I would just say go and have fun.
I took already once some friends of me with me to New Hampshire and they had a very good time they say to me.
What can I tell you more about it, well not much just its very nice skiing there, no long lines like in Austria and aprŤs ski is not very good,
but Iím not there to get drunk but for skiing. So when you want something else just go there.

1 Me on Mount Sunapee, 2 ski lift Loon Mountain, 3 Snowmobile tour with my cousin Win in Okemo, Vermont, 4 Terrace on Sunapee,
5 American ski picture. These pictures I scanned in so not that good quality.

Like I said before in the other part, I have been skiing also in Austria, it all started in Mayrhofen where I put for the first time ski's under and
that was 20 years ago, since then i saw a lot off different ski places in Austria, towns like  Kirchberg, Fugen, Bad Gastein, Fulpmes and Schruns.
( skiing in Austria on or )
The last 3 times we did with a group off 8 people what was a lot off fun, especially at night when we played a game off Catan or they played a card game
(Iím not good in a Dutch game off klaverjassen) and during the day on the slopes.
Most off the time the guys went on the difficult slopes and the ladies choose the easier what is more relaxed,
and at the restaurant there where the two granniesís who looked after Puck.
Sometimes grandma Corrie went cross-country skiing and grandma Rens stayed at the restaurant.
When young Puck saw us skiing she want to do that too but the first time we went together she was too young ,
the next year we could not hold her anymore so she went on a course to learn some basic things.
The last year we went together was to Schruns 2004, there she came in a class with a nice ski teacher who was also accepted by the other ladys.
So ski teacher Klaus take pity on Puck so we good go our way on the ski slopes.
When it get around lunchtime Puck was picked up again and we went to the table where grandma Rens was sitting here she defended a
table the hole morning so we good eat lunch together, after lunch Puck went back to Klaus and we back on the slopes till it was time to
go down to our apartment. This we did for a whole week like that.
After a very nice week like that its time to go back to the reality off the day called work, but only with the idea that we do this again.

Pic 1, 2 the Grandma's in Bad Gastein 2002. Pic 3, 4, 5 en 6 1ste lesson Puck, Hendrik-Jan  Karina and Grandma Rens, the restaurant from the ski lift and the Grannyís on the terrace in Fulpmes 2003. Pic 7 t/m 12 We going downhill, arrival at the top off Hendrik-Jan Karina and Puck, Just a nice picture, Jenny Stef Karina and Hendrik, Puck whit ski teacher Klaus and Hendrik again who wants to go there in Schruns 2004.

One of my best vacations I had was two years ago, so that was in 2003, this was the year that Harley Davidson exist precisely 100 years.
Because off that they gave a little party where I invite myself for.
I good buy some tickets for some different events and when the time was there I flew to the other side of the ocean and this time not alone,
one off my brothers came with me because he wanted to see how are cousin was living over there.
When we arrived by our cousin he loaned us one the cars so we good look around in the area before I went to Milwaukee.
(My brother decided to stay and wait for a niece who decided also to come over)
Because I would pass Buffalo Ny, I decided to look up the old neighbourhood girl Monique who in the mean time moved
from the old place in Buffalo to another part off the city.
Gladly I had a street name but I forgot the number so after a while spending searching for the right street which I finally found
(There are 5 Tangle wood Dr. in Buffalo) and driving through that neighbourhood (it started to get dark)
I decided to ask by one off the houses if they knew the family, when the door opened I recognized the kid at the door as her son,
so by accident I stopped by the right house and when they ask me in the next surprise was that her parents arrived that afternoon from Holland
(this are my neighbours).
They where surprised that I found there new place , and after a fast fixed meal for me with a big cold beer they ask me
to stay over for the night at there place, then they ask me how I get there and where I was going too.
So I told that I was on my way too a little party in Milwaukee, after a nice evening and a good night off sleep it was time to get
on the road again but with a invitation in the pocket that I came back on my way home.
After two days driving I reached Milwaukee where I directly went to the party ground where the have the celebration,
there was a lot to do and to see there like stands with lots off Harley products and demonstrations from the local police department on there Harley's.
Also there where a couple off big tents with the history of Harley over the past 100 years in sound, pictures and movies and of
course promotion for the new models for 2004.
At night there was at different places on the party ground live music from famous and les famous bands, so with other words it was a blast to be there.
The whole Friday I was at the party ground and Saturday I went to the big parade with about 10.000 Harley's in downtown Milwaukee what took 3 hours,
after the parade I went into town to look around and where ever you looked there where bikes standing and when I say bikes I mean lots off bikes,
down here already some pics.


Pic1. Milwaukee Police Harley's, 2.Different Harley bags, 3 - 4 Bike wash girls, 5 Just a street,
6 Amsterdam also present in Milwaukee 3 old army Harley's, 7. Police demo, 8. Free parking under need interstate, 9. Fedsex sticker on nice ass.

On Sunday the event would close with a concert with a big artist or band who are famous in the hole world, there where speculations about the band
or person who would perform, names like the Rolling Stones or maybe a reunion of the Beatles or Steppenwolf but no they had Elton John,
of what I heard the audience where very very disappointed and angry, this was not Harley Davidson worthy, people wanted good rock music not this junk.
I did not waited and left Milwaukee in the morning to go back to New Hampshire with a little detour , I want to make a stop at the EAA Air Venture Museum
 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin ( ) who also celebrated there 100 year anniversary and together with Harley Davidson they made a Pin.
This pin good you get whit a coupon and you must show your ticket of the Harley event in Milwaukee also you had to take a look inside
the museum what was very interesting with all those special and old planes.
After the museum visit i had to go further so I drove around Lake Michigan to Detroit, what I passed and went through a little piece of Canada to
enter the States again by Niagara Falls. After 2 days driving I was home again in New Hampshire where mine niece also was arrived from the Netherlands.
The next day I took my brother and niece in to Boston to show them the city, here we went to Cheers  ( ),
Hard Rock Cafť, Faneuil Hall ( ) and the Prudential Tower  where we went up for a nice view over the city.
After a fun day in Boston we decided at home to go the next day too Buffalo to look up Monique again, so the next day on the road again to
Buffalo and when we arrived there at 19.00 that evening the pizza was already ordered and the beer was cold.
Mine niece would first not come with us because she did not know those people and maybe they would not like it she came along with us,
but when we told her that everybody is welcome in there home she came along.
Within 5 minutes she felt home and after diner we took all a dip in the hot tub where we had so much fun that we all get a short night off sleep.
The next morning we took first a visit at De Ronde Casings the company of Sjaak ( Monique's husband ) before we went too Niagara Falls
where we visit the American and the Canadian side of the Falls.
I was there for the second time but it stays very impressive to see that water whit so much power go down and also that it not stops the water keeps coming.
 After spending some hours there we went back too Sjaak and Monique and after a good night sleep and thanking everybody for the hospitality
we drove back to New Hampshire.
The last days by our cousin we spend on shopping and going out for diner, thanking our cousin and girlfriend for there hospitality.
After that it was time to go home back too the real life in the Netherlands,
its a pity that we must work most off the time instead of having a good fun time with friends.

Picture 1 - 2 and 3 Special planes in EAA Air Venture Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, 4 Brother and niece by Cheers,
5 All together in the hot tub, 6 -7en 8 We at Niagara Falls on the bridge between America and Canada, 9 Judith cleaning the pool.

Like I said in the beginning Scandinavia is also one of my favourite destinations of me and one of the countries I like the most is Sweden.
The first time I was in Sweden was back in 1990, I took a organized trip to go canoeing over a couple of lakes from the many that Sweden have.
When the train arrived in Copenhagen I med some other Dutch folks who also booked the same trip.
From Copenhagen we took a ferry to Sweden where we drove the last part with a bus too the Canoe centre from Scandia trail
( ) in GrŁnnerud what is laying in the province Všrmland what lays against Norway.
The group of people where I would spent the next 2 weeks with where 8 from the Netherlands, 8 from Germany and one guy from Switzerland
who also was our guide for this trip.
The first evening we could to know each other a little bit better so that we good start the next morning for our first stage not as complete strangers.
After everybody got a partner to canoe with we must prepare the canoe in perfect balance for the first stage.
That was not easy with the things we get like a tent and a chest with food, a barrel where you good put in your sleeping bag and some dry clothes
( in case the canoe flipped over) and off course your own bag with clothes.
After that was done the right way we left the canoe centre behinds us and got our first canoe lessons, thereís nothing to tell much about that
because everybody had some trouble to do it the good way but after a short time everybody did a good job with the peddle.
After a good day being on the water the guide new a little island where we could stay the first night,
everybody went on land and started to put up the tent for the night and making a meal from there own food box.
When we got some food in our stomach we started a campfire and shared our experience of that day on the water.
The next two weeks it was the same everyday, canoeing through beautiful country and so often do a land transport to go over to another lake
region to see more nice woods, also the teams where chancing so often because some canoe's went very fast and others had problems to stay close by.
Thatís why I got after 3 days already a nice lady in the canoe where I spent canoeing around for the whole vacation,
and I must say it worked better with her then the guy I had before in the canoe.

This are some pics from 1990 when there where not ready digital cameras, so I scanned those pics thatís why there not really sharp Pic.
1 Resting and get some suntan after a short trip, 2 Early morning thru the fog, 3 In a lock, 4 Very big hammer, 5 Picking wild Blueberries,
6 A picture of the group on a old car dump, 7 Me in my Volvo, 8 Sculpture in Copenhagen.

After having a good time of 2 weeks in the beautiful nature of Sweden and Norway it was time to go home, one year later we went back with some
people who I med that year before in Sweden to go canoeing again but now instead of 2 weeks we stayed 3 weeks in Scandinavia.    
Now there where 5 Dutch and 3 German folks in the group. That year we organized the whole trip our self, the only thing we had to do was rent the canoes,
all the other stuff we brought with us like food and liqueur.
We could take the same trip like the year before but we decided to go in southern direction and you know what,
it was even more adventure than the organized trip from Scandia trail.
One of the days we took a little stream and ended up at a old weir, but before we reached that we had some trees to cut who where laying over the stream.
When we where at the old weir we chopped some trees to make a slide so we good slide the canoe's over it to the other side of the weir,
it was a tough job but we did it , the funniest thing to see was the look on the faces of the guys who where fishing at the and of the stream,
you saw them thinking, where are those people coming from they can not go through that stream because thereís that old weir.
After 2 weeks of lots of fun on the water and the beautiful nature of Sweden we decided to spent the last week in Oslo.
We found in the middle of Oslo, camping Ekeberg ( ) from there we visit the city.
First we went to the train station to get a map of the city and then we make the first stop at the Kings Palace from King Haakon the VII of Norway,
after that we took a little train up to the Olympic ski jump off Oslo with the name Holmenkollen (Games of 1952).
From above you have a magnificent view over the city Oslo and the harbour, we took the train back to the camping site and the next day we went
to the Vikenland park (more info about that)  and the Vikingskiphuset,
after a couple off days spending in Oslo it was time to go home again. On the way back we stopped at the coast near Stenungsund ( ).
The next day for breakfast the guys went in to sea to come back with fresh mussels, after that funny breakfast that vacation was also history.
One year later we went back again but now with six guys and yes we took a different route that year.
That was just a short week but also a very nice vacation. After that it took a couple of years before I went back to Sweden, but thatís another story.


More to come