This walking event was already for a long time on my list so it was now time to do it, gladly I good get also the free time from work to do it. After registration by internet I told my Swedish friends I good go with them. On the Monday before the Vaasan Marssi I went too Sollefteå ( this is where my Swedish friends are living ) where we left Thusday morning in the direction of the town off Umeå where we had to take the ferry to Vaasa in Finland. After 4 hours we arrived in the harbour off Vaasa where we went directly to the school where we were staying for the next couple off days, after putting our stuff there it wastime to get our starting cards for the days we are going to walk, we heard also you good join the flag parade that evening so we did that as a begin from this walking event, first I walked behind the Swedish flag but then it was time to go Dutch again and I shifted too the Dutch flag. After the flag parade is was time to get some food in hour stomach but that went not as easy as we thought because it was also the celebration off the town Vaasa already there for 400 years and it was the 10th time the Vaasan Marssi was organized so it was very busy everywhere, but finally we found a spot to get some food and after that it was back to the school where we took something to drink before we go to sleep. After a short night it was time to do some walking, we did not the normal 21 Km walk but the Archipel walk (16 Km) where you had special sign in for, I did not do this but I good change it the day before we started, so Friday morning a buss brought us to the coast and after a one hour drive at the coast a speedboat was waiting for us to take the group to some islands in front of the coast. On the island there was a guide waiting who would walk in front of the group off people who where there ( around 45 ), when we started we ( 7 Swedish and me ) noticed that we could go faster then the rest and with permission off the guide we went on when the rest stop for a break . This tour went over small paths not wider then 30 a 40 Cm and straight through the nature and when we reached the end off this tour you good get a locale made fish soup where everybody talked about before the walk even started, and I must say it was really good soup. That night we went out for dinner and went early to bed because the next day we had to do 42 Km and again this was also a very nice walk in and around the town Vaasa with lots off different nature, also we walked through a open air museum with old buildings from the early days, here I got in a funny mood and I pulled a joke on my friends, a view Km before we got there I walked away in a higher tempo and hide myself behind one off the buildings and waited there till they passed me,  when they had passed me I went after them again, you had must seen there faces when I showed up behind them, they where looking at me from where the hell are you coming from we did not see you, I had a good laugh about it. Also we passed a place where a couple off thousand years ago a meteor came down, in a little house you good take a look at some air pictures and computer animation from the meteoric place. After 42 Km you come back in Vaasa where you finish in the city park by Hietalahden Villa, to come back at the school we had too walk a small 1 and half Km, but after 42 Km we can handle that too. That evening there was a blister ball but we not went there , but went too a restaurant for a good dinner. The last day I choose 30 Km too walk , first I was thinking I had too do it alone but gladly one off the lady's joint me, the others choose too walk 21 Km . The next morning we started for the 30 Km at 07.30 and the 21 Km could start at 08.00. This day started again in the centre off Vaasa and brought us again through the nice area around the town, also we had to go through a forest where al kinds off sculptures where standing made by a local artist from 83 years old who had made more than 700 sculptures in the last 20 years. After our walk from 30 Km our friends where waiting on us too reach the finish line because they were already down with there distance , then it was time too collect our diploma and medal and a big beer. Because off the very nice weather it was a good event so I can tell you when you read this, put it on your to do list. When you walk this you are going 50% over paved roads and 50% over unpaved road, depends also on the distance you are walking. The distance you can walk on Friday are 10 or 21 Km or the Archipel route who is 16 Km, Saturday 10 , 21 , 30 or 42 Km and Sunday 10 , 21 , 30 of 42 Km. During the walk there are stands where you can get refreshments, on the second day there's even a place where they bake pancakes if they have enough dough. With other words its a very nice 3 day event around a very beautiful town where this year I guess walked 500 people, from this group where 101 with a Dutch passport. You can walk this event every year in the second weekend off August, so see you maybe this year in Vaasa, Finland.
Vaasan Marssi 2006
Openings ceremony on the waterfront in Vasa, Finland. Nice paths on those small islands in front of Vasa. Ove is taking a nap,offcourse a shirt from Sollefteċ on his shoulders. From island to island with a boat, then you walk a little part and go on to the next island. Talking with some walkers from Danmark and Anneli. A beautifull area to walk. So often you go over old small bridges. During this walk it was great weather, so nothing to complane. The folks from Sweden where I walked this event with. Walking through the forest. No space to pass, so no walk for walkers in a hurry. In front off me walks Anneli.
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