Motorcycle trip to Czech Republic 2011


Five friends on 5 different motorcycles wanna to go for a little trip.
After we had been last year in Norway it was time for a change.
In Norway we
talked already a little bit about were we going in 2011 and there we talked already abou the Czech Republic
with its beautiful high mountains in northern and the Bohemia in the south of the country
So after sending some email around it was so obvious it was the Czech Republic this year.
The day before we left we kept an eye on the weather, unfortunately that did not look to good.
A lot off bad weather would come down from Scandinavia and we did not like to drive for a long time through the rain so
the Czech Republic would still be the destination but to avoid the rain we first drove south
So we end up after the first day riding in the Black Forest in Germany, where i
ts also
great for driving around with
a motorcycle, now I hear you think "The Black Forest is very out of the route
That is true but we all hate to ride in the rain, that we like it more to go around
So that evening
enjoying a few beers, we discussed the route for the next day, there were some ideas discussed
direction as Lake Balaton in Hungary and then upwards towards the Czech Republic,
or through Austria to Lake Garda in Italy, and then back through Austria towards the Czech Republic
The next day we went after a good breakfast on our way and after a full day of driving we finally arrive in Bardolino.
You guessed it, Bardolino is a place at Lake Garda in Italy.
It was so nice weather over here and we heard that in the Czech Republic it still was raining,
that we decided to stay
one day
Lake Garda, so on day three of our trip we drove around Lake Garda.
took a whole day because one of us had problems with his bike, he got a little overheated
because the engine thermostat
was not working properly.
After a few stops to refill his radiator, this was because its engine coolant was all spit out.
So we took
a direct wire from the battery to the fins on the radiator to let it the fins run all the time when he start his engine,
this was a good solution, after we did this the engine did not suffer from overheating anymore
Unfortunately we
were overheated because it was that day around 36 degrees and then a motorcycle suit is hot, but safety comes first.
When coming back
at the campsite it took us 30 seconds to get all in the lake Garda with a nice bottle of Limoncello.
After we cool down in the lake, the engine
get some new
coolant and after that we went out to eat something.
The next day we went back into Austria and end up that evening at a campsite in Salzburg.
After three days
of nice weather we had to go one time through the bad weather, which unfortunately we get 3 times in our heads.
Because we
did not like to ride through the
rain we searched for a campsite and soon we came to Panorama Camping Stadtblick in Salzburg.
This camping is definitely just worth mentioning because the plumbing is so great here and they have a nice terrace
a small restaurant where you can eat very goodl, so remember this if you are looking for a camping site near Salzburg.
After a strange breakfast, which was a sandwich with applestrudel and coffee, we went on our way
The Czech Republic was not far anymore, after a one day
drive we arrived at Camping Kolodeje, this year the camping is run by a friend of my brother.
So this was a good starting position for
our next day ride towards Prague and knowing that your belongings are safe at the camping.
On day six Prague was
our goal and one of us had a other
destiny found he necessarily wanted to see.
was in the city Kutna Hora which is about 70 km from Prague.
After the TomTom have set wrong were we closer to Kutna Hora than to Prague, so the
plans were
again and we went to Sedlec Ossuary, also known as the Church of Bones in Kutna Hora.
How do I describe this church with what you find inside, it's scary or horrible, or cool art.
It's at least different and special that so many skeletons (about
40,000) are stacked and processed in some kind
of art that include a chandelier, candlestick and a
family crest.
It is impossible to explain you just have to see for yourselves, at least there is someone over here have been very creative.
After this
different church we went to Prague where we finally have been only 2 hours and only eat something
on a boat which is converted as a restaurant and is situated on the river Vltava (Moldua in German) in the middle of Prague
What have we seen in Prague, actually nothing, but we found it all a smelly city with all that traffic.
Back at the campsite we had a pleasant evening with the manager who had made a campfire,
and there we have
some beers that tasted very good , a nice Budweiser Budvar.
It was time to go back home so
the bikes were pointed in the direction of the Netherlands.
Because at
a previous trip, we knew a good campsite near Fulda
so we decided to look again, unfortunately
we did not found this, but we found another one that really got us even better inside.
The owner gave us a spot next to the indoor pool which we could use if we wanted
That was something we liked very much, so the next morning straight from the tent
into the pool and after a shower
we were ready for another day on the bike for the last 500 km home.
e ended this week with a nice quickly organized barbecue.

So we are ready for a next ride, but where to and how long we have to look.


There are also some movies to see how we drive and who are on my favorites movies page who can be found here. filmpjes