Arctic Circle March 2006

Last year I walk this event again but I was not alone , a good friend of me wanted too go but good not make it,
so instead of him my brothers son of 14 years old came along , he could not decide how much he would walk,
maybe the 50 Km or should I do 140 Km , finally he went for the 140 Km and that only with 30 Km of practice.
Everybody who saw the little guy was very impressed by him because our walking speed everyday was about 6 Km a hour.
The fun part this year was that we everyday passed a Swedish soldier in the last view kilometre of every stage,
the third day he did not like it anymore so the fourth day he went for it totally to stay in front of us.
In the last 22 Km we did not see him for 18 Km and then there he was ,
so we walked a little harder just try too catch him and you know what we passed him 2 Km before the end of the last stage.
Its off course not a race but we had to do this just for the fun.
The Arctic Circle March was exactly like last year , the only difference was there where less people, only 50 this time.
Again I enjoyed myself by walking this event and maybe there will be a next time if more people will come with me because its
 not around the corner , its a long drive to get there but one thing is for sure you get a very nice walking experience for it back.

Here some pictures from 2006                   



Arctic Circle March 2005     

When you want to walk this ,you must go to the town off Övertorneå what is on the border
off Sweden and Finland in the area off the Arctic Circle.
When you do the complete march you walk 140 km ,between each start is 30 hours. 
De first stage you start at 00.01 hour Sunday morning , in this time off year the sun shine's almost 24 hours a day so it stays
 light all day ,so when you start its still light and like we had ,we had to put up our sunglasses around 02.30 in the morning.
 What really good is was that every 5 a 6 km a refreshment stand was ,
there you can get something to drink and eat as much as you like because its in your starting fee.
The first stage ends on a bridge on the border off Sweden and Finland near the town Pello ,
there's a bus standing who brings you back to your hotel or to Camp
Rantajärvi from where the stage started.
The second stage start at 06.00 (That's Monday morning) from where you finished the day before
and yes the bus brings you from where you stay to the start.
The most people find the next day the best day because off the view on the
river Torne who's also the border between the two country's.
This stage you are walking in Finland with one hour difference on Sweden (1 hour later) ,
you end this day on the Finnish Arctic Circle/
Napapiiri where the bus is waiting again on you.
Day three you start at 12.00 (Tuesday) and brings you back in Sweden when you cross the bridge into the town off Övertorneå,
 you are ending this day at Kuivakangas at Matarengi ,
during this stage you have a nice view on one off the local mountains in the area with the name  Aavasaksa .
The last day , Wednesday , the start is later that day around 18.00 hour so you have the hole day for yourself to look around
in the area ,when you are not thinking off something yourself the organization off the Arctic
Circle invites you on a
excursion through the kommun
Övertorneå where they show you some off there culture like we saw,
they showed us a old church who was very nice painted and had many sculptures inside the church,
also we went up
Aavasaksa mountain where we had a great view on the area,
on the way back to
Camp Rantajärvi we stopped in the village off Svantstein here are a couple off art shops
where you can look at local art or good off course buy it.

Back in Camp
Rantajärvi there was a dinner ready before we started the last stage off the Arctic Circle March.
Halfway the last stage you get baptise with water from the Torne River because you pass the Arctic Circle,
you can choose your own name and then a local speaks some words and baptise you with the name off your choice,
this name you will find back on your baptise certificate.
When everybody is finished then they have a little party with salmon on bread and some beer or something else to drink.
I did not know how many people would walk here but now I know , a total off 100 men and woman started here ,
there was a large group from the Netherlands ,40 people, 37 came by plane and stay in a hotel in Pello, 2 came with a camper
 and I went with my own car from the Netherlands to the top off Scandinavia (total 2800 km) and stayed in
Camp Rantajärvi.
 There where also some walkers from Denmark and Norway.
I had a good time doing this event and I meet some nice Swedish people where I did walk another event with .
This Arctic Circle March is mostly walked over paved road and with a short piece off unpaved path .
You can walk here the 140 km but you can also choose for a mini march off 50 km, I did the 140 km as practice for Nijmegen.
You can do the Arctic Circle March every year in week 25 around the day when the sun is not going down.


Pictures from Arctic Circle March 2005   


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