Motorcycle trip to Lysbotn in Norway 2010



Four friends on 4 different motorcycles wanna go somewhere in europe.
After last year, two of the four had been in Scotland, they wanna go and see something else.
This year we where going to the north, the target was Lysebotn in Norway.
Why Lysebotn, well we had a good reason, the last part to the campingsite has 27 hairpin bends and we where never
been in Norway on the motorcycle, so that's why we went in that direction.
The first part was very dull, almost 1000 km over highways from the Netherlands till Hirthals in Danmark,
where we had to take the ferry till Kristiansand in Norway.
Our first campingsita was then also in Kristiansand after we came from the ferry.
Day two we went on our way to Lysebotn, very nice over countryroads cruising through the nice south of Norway.
What a beautiful country to drive your motorcycle, a must for every biker. ( watch your speed, fines are high, gladly we get no tickets )
The way we drove was, Kristansand, Mosby, Eiken, Kvinlog, Tonstad, Sinnes and Lysebotn. ( about 225 km )
The last part to the campingsite is around 38 Km, you go al the way up to 932 meters and when we where there ( beginning of June )
there was still snow, finaly we came to the last 5 km and the 27 hairpin curves were we came for.
What is that cool to do, driving up to the hairpin, brake a little, taking the curve and then open the throttle again, next curve, brake,
take the curve and accelerate, up to the next curve, brake, take the curve and accelerate again and that another 24 times.
Down at the campingsite we all thought, we wanna go again, so we decided to stay 4 nights and from here do our daily trips,
 like going to Stavanger, then we have to do the hairpins another 7 times. ( its the only road to come there )
The campingsite is situated on the end of the Lysefjord, and had al the facilities, enough space for your tent, also you good rent a cabin, there were toilets, showers and a spot to do your dishes, and there was a little cafe with a terrace ( also reception ) were you good eat something. ( not cheap )
The next day we make a roundtrip where we came through those towns, Lysebotn, Rysstad, Tveit, Evje, Sveindal, Eiken
Tonstad, Sinnes and back to Lysebotn, a nice round from 340 km.
A marvelous route with nice roads and beautiful views, and offcourse starting and ending with those 27 hairpins.
Day 4 we wanted togo to Stavanger, so put on your helmet and lets go.
Our route was like this, Lysebotn, Sinnes, Byrkjedal, Dirdal, Ortedal, Sviland, Sandnes into Stavanger.
There  we looked around and eat lunch at McDonald's, then drove around in Stavanger and so we came on one of the island
infront of the coast, the one we where was
Austre my, from there we had a good view on Stavanger.
There we met a Norwegian lady who lived there, she told us that she was a view years back a guide in the neighbourhood of
Lysebotn and told us that there was a spot where a big rock was hanging between two other rocks that was called the Kjeragbolten.
To get there you had too walk two and a half hours over three big hills/mountains, not an easy walk.
We had to think about that to do that, but first we had to go back to the campingsite.
Day 5 we decided to go with 3 guys to walk too that rock, in the mean time one off us went for a spin on his motorcycle that day.
Our motorcycles good we park at the look out/restaurant almost at the top off the 27
hairpin bends.
From there we had to walk, very soon we had the idea it would not be a easy walk, not on a pair off motorcycle boots.
After a two hour walk was there the rock in front of us, we had seen pictures that you good stand on it
so we wanna to do that too, we did not walk that whole piece to only look at it.
When you are standing on the rock don't look down, because you see a whole that stops at 700 meters under you.
After a short time taking pictures and standing on other edges it was time to go back.
Back in the restaurant we thought we had deserve something, so that was a nice piece of Norwegian smoked salmon, very good.
The fourth man was also save back from his trip, so together we went back to the campingsite.
That wensday evening was a loud and with a lot off liquer, with almost one of us who liked to drive around the campingsite.
So I took the keys of the motorcycle for savety, then they go for the sheep, around the camping where some sheep with nice bells
and two of the guys wanna to have a bell, so what happend was two guys chasing sheep around 23:30 in the evening, result no bell to take home.
But a lot off people who where looking and laughing about two drunk Dutchmen chasing sheep.
The nxt day it was time to go back in the direction off Kristiansand.
Halfway we discover that one off us need a new back tyre, it was worn out, to bad for him that he had to drive
further till Kristiansand, so he was not sitting comfortable on his motorcycle.
We followed the 44 and came through place like H, Ogna, Hellvik, Eggersund, Sokndal to get att Flekkefjord go on the E39.
The 44 is also known as the Northsea route and is a marvelous road, for motorcycle drivers.
On friday morningthe rain came down and we had a tyre to change, two went to a garage for the tyre change and the other two
made the tent clean and ready for leaving the campingsite in Kristiansand.
When everybody was back we took breakfast att the Shell and we looked att the ferry iff we could take a earlyer ferry, when asking
about the ferry, we discover that when we would came for the ferry off 1800 that already then in Danmark would be.
I was so sure that it would leave att 1800, but that was 1500.
When we came off the boat we drove about 250 km and found a very nice hotel in Christiansfeld,
it was a old farm nicely rebuilded and changed into a hotel.
The next day we had to do 800 km, with little problems on the highways and loose someone and also
find him back during the drive home, where we back in De Rijp around 6 o'clock.
What a nice week was this, everybody improved his driving skills, and that flatt side on your tyre
that you get driving in the Netherlands, was completly gone, we had nice round tyres again because off al the corners we took in Norway.

I can not wait for the next trip, they talking about Tjechie.

This are some pictures from the trip, more pictures in a webalbum that you can find overhere.

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Also are there some movies made during the trip that you can find in my favorite movies. movies

Ocks r hr vad filmen beskaffad, den dr hr kanna hitta.