My Motorcycles / Mina Motorcykeln

The first motorcycle I had, could I buy from money I won on a lottery ticket that my aunt had given me for my birthday.
Before I had my licence I bought that motorcycle already it was a Honda Shadow 1100cc,
I bought this bike with 23.000 km on the speedometer and after 5 years I sold the bike with 54.000 km, so it was not standing still in the shed.
With the money from the bike I sold and some extra I bought one off the motorcycles I still have and that’s a bike where lots off bikers dream
about to own and that’s the American dream a Harley Davidson type FLST Heritage Softail from 1988.
This one is mine since April 2000 then I bought it with 27.000 miles, till now I used it very well and the speedometer is now over 74.000 miles.
In 2005 I spend some money on another bike to drive to work back and forward, first I did this with the Harley but its now not safe anymore to park a Harley there and before
somebody else takes it I decided to buy another motorcycle, my choice became a Honda CBR 1000 F, also not a bike to park without a lock but less interesting for thieves then a Harley.
Where the Harley Davidson is a bike to drive easy and relaxed with ,is the Honda CBR just a race fun bike with on the end off the speedometer 300 kmph.
I think I never going to reach that or try to reach that but I past already the 200 km border on the Speedo, and I think that was a hell off a speed to drive.
So often we go with some guess on a motorcycle trip and in 2007 we went on a trip to the southern part off the Netherlands from there we drove to Belgium and Germany.
In 2005 we did make a little trip too Italy we went there with 6 guys and I did it on the Harley,
but I must say I slow them down because my highest speed was 155 km, more about that trip and other vacations you can find on the
Vacation Page.
The next time when we go on a trip I will be not the one who will slow them down.
Well I think I told enough about my motorcycles, the only thing I can do is show some pictures from the bikes.




My bikes the first one is the Honda Shadow 1100cc then the Harley FLST Heritage Softail, Honda CBR 1000 F and a Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird.
Mina Motorcykeln, den f
örsta är en Honda Shadow 1100cc, därefter kom de Harley FLST yHeritage Sotail, Honda CBR 1000F och den CBR 1100XX Blackbird.

In Februari 2009 I drove my CBR over 100.000 Km as you can see on the pictures
Now I start at zero again, maybe somebody likes to have a CBR with low mileage on it, just mail me.

This is what it looks like when you go to fast, o yes its not free.


Joining a Club

Because I own a Harley Davidson you can become a member off a Chapter (local Harley club), but before you can join, you must be a part
off the world wide Harley club the H.O.G. that stands for Harley Owner Group.
You can join when you buy a new or used Harley, normally you get then a membership for a period off one Year for free off course
you can become a member too join it yourself if you don't get a membership, but when you do you are a member off the biggest club in the world,
official sponsored by Harley Davidson itself. (900.000 members)

I became a member off both , the H.O.G. give you all kind off benefits like cards for big events that they organize or a road planner to plan your
trips and off course the club magazine and a club card for when you breakdown and need some help to get you riding again.
Do you want to know more go look here and when you are there go look here also for the latest models

This year I stopped my membership from the Coast riders Chapter witch is located in Alkmaar.
Every year they organize a couple off very nice trips through the Netherlands or the other Benelux country's, but I never did go with them on those trips because every three weeks I have one week-end off and then I want to spent my week-end a different way, or its just I don't want to go ride out.
Hard to understand I think for diehard riders.
So what’s the meaning off that membership then for me, not much I guess, I still got the patch on my leader jacket and that just look good.
They have a website so take a look at or you can look at our local dealer website who is also there sponsor


Down here some interresting motorcycle website's its a start page to Harley related things. ( in Dutch ) is the Harley-Davidson Club Netherlands. ( in Dutch ) When your Harley is stolen you can put some info on this site so other people can look out for it. ( in Dutch ) is a Dutch start page with all stuff around motorcycles. ( in Dutch ) Woman and bikes ,what can I say just go look there. A Dutch Honda CBR club site ,that's because I also have that CBR 1000. ( in Dutch ) The name say's it all its the Honda Magna motor club in the Netherlands. ( in Dutch ) Dutch motorcycle magazine. ( in Dutch ) Something else then the bikes from OCC, I like this more. American motorcycle brand with the first real V-twin engine.



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