This year ( 2005 ) we went with 6 guys to Italy, it was a very short trip from Thursday the second off June till Tuesday the 7 off June, we went there to see the MotoGP in Mugello, when you go too a event like that you must go by motorcycle, so we went with 5 bikes and 1 car, what’s very handy for the luggage (tent, sleeping bag and clothing). With some small problems on our way (one off the shocks off the Harley broke) did we finally reach our destination in Italy, Camping Spiaggia Dóro in Lazise next to Lake Garda. This is a very nice area to be I must say, on Sunday we went to the race that we just reach in time to see the MotoGP (yes some other Harley problems ). After a nice race we went back to the camping side what a 2 hour drive was, at night we enjoyed a very good meal so we good go to sleep and get up early again to go on the road again back home. When we reached Austria we took a little detour to do some driving in the mountains on some mountain roads with lots off sharp turns (Always fun to do, only not when the police is there ), after this short detour we stop half way Germany for the night to get a good night off sleep too get up early again next day and after a good breakfast heading for the Netherlands too come home safely again. Yes this was a short but fun trip to do and I think we go next year again. More MotoGP here
Motorcycle trip to the MotoGP in Mugello, Italy
Here are we on our way on the German autobahn. After a long day we reached a campingsite in Austria. Here are we building out own route vere the Brennerpas, we wanna drive by the trafficjam. Busy buliding up our tents on a camping in Lazise on lake Garda in Italy. The harbour off the town Lazise. At night eating pizza on a terrace in Lazise. My Harley had some troubles on our way to Mugello. When we arrive is the first race already started. Hen and Jos enjoying the sun with next to them some good looking Italian lady. This is the warming up lap off the MotoGP. After a view rounds a Ducatie is leading with 2 Yamaha's in pursuit. On the way back close to the border off Austria. Vines next to the highway in Italie. Here we take a break underneed the Brennerpas. Taking over a truck and crossing a continuous line in Austri cost 36 euro. Taking a cold beer on a camping in Germany. Leaving a coolbox on in a car overnight is not smart, so what to do, trying to push the car.
15 - 01 - 2015