Motorcycle Maintenance I like to do maintenance off my motorcycles myself as much as possible, in the beginning the only thing I good do was chancing the oil and oil filter also I managed to change the sparkplugs and brake pads bud after that it was too much. After all those years off riding motorcycle I started to do more and more maintenance on my bikes and not just because I like to do it but it will save so much money in your pocket. With a workplace book next to me I will come very far with working on my motorcycle. The parts I order by internet and that can also save you a lot of money
After driving around 30000 Km I had to change my tires for the second time ( April 2007 at 63930 Km on the speedometer ) off the CBR. So I went on the internet, with the price off mine last set off tires next to me I start searching ( Last tire set bought at Euromaster, front tire120/60R17 T Avon Viper Supersport AV59 55W for €141,80 , Reartyre 170/60R17 T Metzeler Roadtec Z6 72W for €117,03 inclusive equilibrate it out and putting it on the bare wheels, the total was €308,01. I took the wheels out off the bike myself and brought the to a motorcycle shop. So I wanted something the same like I had and found the next pair of tires, front tire 120/70 ZR17 Avon Azaro AV 45-ST  for €130,- and the 170/60 ZR17 Avon Azaro AV 46-ST  for €140,-   inclusive equilibrate it out and putting it on I coast me almost the same as last time. In Oktober 2008 and another extra 30.000 km on the speedometer ( 93272 Km ) I had to look for a new pair of tires. After searching the internet for a while I came at , here you can search on motorcycle model or just tire brand name, the right tire for me was, front tire 120/70 ZR17 Avon Storm-ST AV55 for €93.99 , Reartyre 170/60 ZR17 Avon Storm-ST AV56 for €115,99 . Shipping cost me €7,95 and equilibrate it out and putting it on the bare wheel at the local bike shop was €20,- for each wheel, total €257.93, saving me €50,- only on the tires. Now ( March 2010 and with 116540 Km on the speedo ) we need another pair of tires, so back to  and get searching. After comparing the different tires I desided this time to go for Pirelli, my front tire will be the Pirelli Diablo Strada 120/70 ZR17 ( €86.18 ) and the rear 170/60 ZR17 ( €110.18 ). Last year I found another motorcycle webshopsite , a English website where they have nice offers, so I was thinking lets look there before i order my tires, and you now what the same tires where there, Front tire £72.49 and the back tire £79.99 (this was a special price normaly £94.99). Shipping from Great Brittain was £10,- , but with the pound almost the same as the euro the price would be €167,- in euros, what at would be €200,- , so I saved another 1 and a half tank of petrol.  For our trip to Norway in June 2010 I had the tires replaced again, after having driven 27 500 km with this pair it was time to replace them. I enjoyed the Pirelli's I had under need my CBR very much so I wanted the same back under it. Now with over 144,000 Km on my CBR its time to replace the old Pirelli's, unfortunately I did with the last set only 24,000 km. The front tire was easy to come by but the rear tire was hard to find, probably of the size I wanted. Eventually I found them again but this time less cheap. The Pirelli Diablo Strada 120/70 ZR17 front tyre for  €90,30 and the Pirelli Diablo Strada 170/60 ZR17  rear tyre for €134,60 , thats a total of  225, - euro but I'm saving the conversion and balancing out because I've done this myself. Now I can go drive another year and about 20,000 Km.
Chain and Sprocket kit
Not so long after that it was the chain and sprocket that had to been replaced, in April 2007 I did this the first time myself with the workplace book next to me, and in January 2009 after 35.000 Km extra on the speedometer it was time for a new set. I looked often on but a colleague said that I better good go to what the head company is from motozoom. The chain and sprocket I used is the REGINA Z-RING CBR1000F 89- (114/17/42) for €119,95  exactly the same set with also the same order number ( 10041523 ) cost at Motozoom €167,95 what a difference is of €48,- . And that's with more products also, even the shipping cost are different, at Louis €7,95 ( send from Germany ) and Motozoom €12,95 shipping from Utrecht. So I would say order at in Germany instead of motozoom.
I thought I was done for a while with replacing parts but with the bad weather of the last weeks ( winter 2008/09 ) and because the downpipes where not that good anymore, I am driving now around with a little more noise. With other words my exhaust is broke and I must replace it. First I send a email to Roukema in Wormerveer, question, how much for downpipes for a CBR from 1995, answer was original Honda about €485,- and imitation a RVS set for €499,- . I thought, this can much cheaper. On the site you can type in the part you look for and after one day you get response from different motorcycle shops who have the part with the price how much it is. Here a little overview from the company and prices they send me: New RVS downpipe set 4-2 CBR 1000F €340,- .  RVS downpipe set 4-2 CBR 1000F from Delkevic incl. gaskets/clamps for €335,-, if this one is sold it cost €375,-  Mook from Ell.  downpipe set 4-2 CBR 1000F new for €550,- . used downpipe set 4-2 CBR 1000F €225,- . New RVS downpipe set 4-2 CBR 1000F €342,- . Like you see there's a big difference in price, a used one for €225,- and a new RVS one for €550,-  this are the most extreme ones apart from each other. Still I was not satisfied so I start looking outside the Netherlands and came at in Great Britain, here I found the right one for my CBR, new Honda CBR1000 FK-FX Exhaust Stainless Steel Downpipes 88-99 from Delkevic for £204,99 + £17,- in euro against raids of the moment it came on €250,- . On the end I save on the most expansive set €300,- and the cheapest new set €90,- for that money I can fill up my gas tank 4 times and that's another 1200 Km driving pleasure. You can also calculate what you are saving on mechanic hour rate, and that's about €75,- per hour, you would be stealing from yourself if you would not do some things on your bike yourself.
Exhaust pipe Yes, and now the exhaust of my CBR, for an Bike from 1995 you can expect that this will came after riding in a few winters ,so it was now time to replace them. (March 2010) Because of the age and of course the salt what they put on the highways, they were pretty rusted at the connection to the downpipes and even so much that my right  exhaust brake off while driving, gladly he stayed hanging on but I sounded like a MotoGP bike. So we went back on the internet, o yes, that was a shock, new around € 600, - each, a total of € 1200, - . I thought the no motorcycleshop would give so much back for my motorcycle from 1995 when I should trade him in. Gladly I found this second hands parts site called where they had a left and a right exhaust for €95,- and €75,- Also was there some shipping coast of €20,- for both of the exhausts. Then it was still waiting how the state of the exhaust was because on a picture you can’t tell if they are good but both exhausts were perfect, almost no rust and that for a couple exhausts from 1995, here I can go on for a couple of years. By searching around the internet I saved € 1000, - .   Camshaft Chain Tensioner Here is my last project and that was that there was a tikking sound coming from the engine of my CBR 1000F. The last time that the checked the valves att the dealer they say there was this tikking sound in the engine and that this is could be the camshaft chain. So I again needed parts such as a cam chain and a cam chain tensioner. The can chain I good get for 90,- euro att Roukema in wormerveer, they have also a website Unfortunately they did not have the cam chain tensioner but I found that at for 107,- euro, but that was without 21% tax over it. After I got all the parts I good do it myself what you can see in Project repalcing Camshaft Chain Tensioner of my CBR 1000F.   Have Fun, Ride Save or like the say in New Hampshire, USA " Live Free or Die "
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