This will be the page about my cars I drove the last 20 years. Most of all I drove Honda’s, but I started in a Mini Cooper. With my 1.96 meter I fit in but only with the front seat against the backseat. This Mini had a mind off his own, when I was at home and wanted to go he started at once but when I was somewhere else the Car would not started if he knew he was not at home, after a lot of sweat he would start so that was for a short time ( 3 Months) my car. After that I bought myself a Rover 2300, but that also was not for a long time my car because there where some problems with it like the heating was not working ( would be very handy in winter time) and he was only driving on Gas and not Petrol. After some home repairing I blew one of the gaskets out of the engine and after repairing that he only drove on 5 of the 6 cylinders so he sounded like a sowing machine. So it was time too spend some serious money on a car, I went to a garage and there they ad something what I liked, after seen a lot of cars I decided to choose between two cars, a BMW 3 series model or a Honda Civic, I decided to take the Honda. After that choice I never changed my brand and stayed at Honda. The only thing that changes was the car itself. Now I wanted to have a smaller car so I changed from brand and choose a Seat Ibiza Edition II model. I good stay at Honda but for the price I paid for the Seat I good only get a 2 year old model or different model Honda that I did not like, so I ended up with this brand new Seat Ibiza Edition model with lots off extras on it. Shall I have the same good experience by changing brand, nobody knows that only the future, one thing that I know is when I win a big money price there probable comes a nice sports car like a Dodge Viper or maybe a Aston Martin Vanquish V12, so there is something to dream about. Here are some pictures of the cars I once owned.
A Mini like this was my first car, Don't know anymore when I bought or sold it. This Rover 2600 bought I in 1987, It had all kind of problems but it drove marvelous. After the bad Rover in Februari 1988 I bought my first Honda Civic. This Civic was made with a flat back. Something completly diverent after the Rover, nice car this Honda Cvic 1.3 In November 1990 I bought my next Honda Civic 1.3, this time a red one. After the red again a white Civic, this time a Honda Civic 1.5 GL bought in December 1992 After the white one again a red Honda Civic DX 1.5 bought in March 1994 Drove around with American license plates, not allowed offcourse but never caught. In October 1996 was it time for a other car, another Honda Civic  DXI 1.5 A good car this Honda Civic  DXI 1.5 , the back went open in two parts, the window upp and the other down. This black Honda Civic  Daytona 1.5i bought I in March 1999. This is the backside of my Honda Civic  Daytona 1.5i In that time a nice car, by the way its still a nice car. The front of this nice black Honda Civic  Daytona 1.5i This was mine Honda Civic  LS 1.7i since February 2006. Strange licence plate on this blue Honda Civic  LS 1.7i From the side it also looks pretty damn good this Honda Civic  LS 1.7i. I liked my metalic blue Honda Civic  LS 1.7i. This is mine Seat Ibiza 1.6 Edition II what I drive since May 2008. The backside of this yellow Seat Ibiza 1.6 Edition II It came directly from the showroom this Seat Ibiza 1.6 Edition II A good car this Seat Ibiza 1.6 Edition II, it brought me already in Sweden, Norway, Germany and Austria.
01 - 02 - 2015