Marche de l'Armée  2009

I was for the second time here for this walking event what was held on the 7th and 8th of June
around the little town Diekirch in Luxemburg.
I think there are not many events who are that good organized and beautiful as here ,
whit enough stands during the walk for refreshments, and off course the very nice surroundings where you walk through.
The day before the event started I jumped into my car and drove to Luxemburg there I went to a camping site
on 12 Km off Diekirch, this was close to the city Larochette, camping auf Kengert ( ),
I was at this camping site also 2 years ago.
After I put my tent up, I drove to Diekirch to get my starting card and after a good night off sleep was I ready for day 1.
I started around 07.00 am and it was directly interesting because after a little part through the city it went up straight into
the hills and that would be not the last hill that day, constantly you went up and down and you pass little towns like
Bastendorf and Fourhen, when you walk the 40 Km they send you in the direction off the old town off Vianden, well known by
the people who come often in Luxemburg and that's because of the old castle on the hill with the name
Le CHÂTEAU De Vianden, Vianden is a very old nice place with a lot of difference in height what is again good on your legs.
We leave the town behind us and with a good 25 Km to go we come again over enough hills with a beautiful
view over Luxemburg and with the view in mind you almost forget you still have to do lots off miles.
I the last 2 hours off my first day walking it started to rain,
so I put my rain poncho on and went on to the finish what is off course in Diekirch.
When I was back at the camping site I was not that wet and after a
nice hot shower and a good meal I was ready for the next day.
 So the next day I was in time for the next tour what was opened by firing a cannon,
so everybody at the start was awake after the shot and I think also half off the town.
Day 2 was also again very nice and we went that day more through the forest where it was still a little muddy from
the rain of the day before, gladly I walk in the front that day so it was not yet that muddy.
The second day we also had to walk the last 2 hours in the rain, so again we had to do the poncho on.
Also this day went bye and at the end I get this time a number 2 what I can put on the ribbon
from the medal for the 2 x 40 Km that I had earned before 2 years ago.
Conclusion is that this was a very nice walk to do where they take good care for you when you are on the way
( this was al included by the starting fee off 10 euro ) most of the time it's something to drink.
When you liked something to eat, you could sit on different places by restaurants ( not free off course )
but you could also bring you own food with you in your backpack.
You can walk here 1 day 12 of 20 Km, or 2 days 20 or 40 Km, I did the last one.
Day 1 goes all the way over paved road and day 2 you walk I guess 1/4 part off the route over unpaved paths,
how many people here walked I really don't know, I think a couple off thousand.
I know I will be back here and maybe that’s already in 2010,
then the
Marche de l'Armée will be held on 29th and 30th of May,
so see you maybe next year again.


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update on  8 June '09