We wanna to do another motorcycle trip, and after a lot of email, phonecalls and taking together we had something. We wanna go to Limburg in the Netherlands and went from there to ride in Belgium, Germany and maybe Luxemburg. From the marvelous town of Sibbe, were we had a appartment hired, we started to ride around. Eight guys on motorcycles, that can't go good. After some driving we came in to the eifel mountain area, very nice to ride here, we passed nice towns like one called Monschau. On the way back from the eifel we stopt on three corners point, here comes Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands together. We would spend some time there but the rain came down if it was like a river comes through. Because we where in the area of Margraten, some of us would like to go to the American military cemetery were the American soldiers are burried from the second world war. A very impressive and very nice and maintain spot to remember those soldiers, who give there lives for our freedom what we have now those days. After some more driving in the area and visiting Valkenburg, it was time to go home. We did not go strait home but took a little detour and came out in Wageningen. Here we visit Hotel de Wereld, very known because the peace was here signed in 1945. And because this trip had a little military theme we went also to the Grebbeberg what is close to Wageningen. On the Grebbeberg are the Dutch soldiers who give there lives during second world war. This Dutch soldiers died in the beginning of the war when Germany invade the Netherlands. With this eight guys we had a very nice road trip. Probably we are going to do this more often, but when is always the question.
Motortripje Limburg 2007
There are we with 8 guys streching the legs after putting gasoline in the motorcycles. Here we walk in Monschau, thats in the Eifel in Germany. Motorcycles parked, some guys needed a smoke. View over Monschau. Terug in Sibbe waar de motors weer gepakt worden voor een volgende rit. The military cemetary in Margraten in Limburg. Impressive all those crosses from the soldiers who died for our freedom in 1940 - 1945. Very nice lyrics. Our bikes on the parking space at Margraten. Jos and Hendrik are waiting, wich way to go. Still talking about wich way to go. Talking about our trip and enjoying a nice cold beer. A plaquet off Prince Bernard at Hotel de Wereld in Wageningen, here was the peace signed in 1945. Monument on the Grebbenberg bin Rhenen for the Dutch military who died during second world war.
15 - 01 - 2015