Last year was the long weekend to the Eifel in Germany to short and very rainy. So this year we had planned a nice trip, we wanted through the Black Forest to France to drive upp Alpe D'huez to go furter to the Stelvio pass in Italy and from there back through Austria back in the direction of the Netherlands Sounds very good and shoot also be very beautiful with all the winding roads that lie there waiting on us. Unfortunately, Europe was in late May under the spell of bad weather and we did not wanted to get soaking wet every day and then you had also all those little twisty roads to drive over in bad weather conditions. So our plan changed, we drove in one day to the town off Lasize on Lake Garda in Italy. Although the other three had put their rain gear on when leaving home, after 800 Km close to Munich we got some rain. Because off their rainwear they did not get cold when we went over the Brenner Pass, it was there around 6 degrees,  I still had my winter lining in my motorcycle suit sitting so I was also good protected against the cold weather. We arrived around 20:00 on a campsite and sat an hour later in a nice restaurant with good food and of course a beer. One of the men had been smart enough to print at home some routes in the Dolomites, so we put them into our navigation. What a beautiful place to drive around there in the Dolomites. We had this time very special circumstances to drive, when we left the campsite it was nice and sunny and about 20 degrees. The higher we got the colder it get (sometimes around zero) and even in the mountains there was still snow sometimes till half a meter up beside the road. The roads were all clean of snow but sometimes there was melt water that came over the road and sometimes that is very tricky when it comes right in a sharp bend on the road. This week went very fast and was good with lots off beautiful weather and lots of good food and beer. The drive back was planned going through Austria, passing Munich and then back to the Netherlands but we went through Switzerland via the Gotthard tunnel. We were immediately agree that we never do that again because that tunnel is almost 17 ​​kilometers long and it is very hot inside on our motorcycles, and then we have not even mentioned the car fumes you gasps as motorcyclist inside. When we reach the border off Germany we drove into bad weather, we finally stopped at a hotel in Lahr where we good hang our motorcycle clothing out to dry, because we where soaking wet despite of the rain gear we got on. The next day everything was dry again but that would not last long because it was still raining, eventually it became dry again. During the last part we drove in Germany at a nice speed, one off the guys who had a backpack on flew open and I got a pair of slippers, gloves, a sweater, waist bag and a thermos thrown at my head.  I gladly not get hit by one of the items, but I kicked the thermos to the side, then it was not painful but later I still felt it for 2 months. I stopped whit one of the other guys while the two first guys drove on and did not notice it. We stopped because we knew that in the waist bag where some important things like a passport and wallet with bank cards. After getting the bag from the German autobahn we drove after them and we found them back att a parking lot. He was very happy when he saw his waist bag back but also told us that his Disc lock was also fallenout of his backpack, which I have not seen flying out and we gladly not got hit by. When we got home we ended the week with six kilos of ribs we had ordered from the spare rib express. Last week we were talking about the destination of next year and the men would still wanna go back to Norway. So maybe the next year back to Norway but it could also be somewere else where we go. So up to next year and hope on very very good weather
Motorcycle trip to Italy 2013
The guys put on there raingear because of the bad weather forecast. Already next to the road in Italy with a nice view. Here we are arrived at the camping at Lazise in Italy. View over lake Garda with in the background some mountains still with snow on top. In the morning looking for breakfast in the small streets off Lazise. Nice building on that hill. After some strange mountain roads we end upp here at this camping with restaurant. Lots off old villages in Italy. Also many old churches in Italy. Yes we are very interested in old buildings. Many nice views overhere. And then you are standing on a mountainpass in the snow. Like you see there is enough. Its kind off chilly upp here. After the winter season a skiresort likes this is empty. A Italian war monument for all the man who died and came from this area. Taking a picture from the road off this mountain. You just can stop overhere because its not busy. There in the distance is Austria. How can they build it on top off that mountain. Time for dinner, we bought some meat and some small BBQs Its almost done. After the BBQ we put some other things that burn good on BBQ. Siesta. This is what you see a lot off times. Time for a picture, taking a leak and for a smoke. View over lake Garda. Almost ready for the drive home to he Netherlands.
16 - 01 - 2015