In october of 2011 I bought a Damaged motorcycle at Boonstra motorcycles in Ureterp ( Friesland ) for restauration. I found this nice bike a Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird, unfortunately not in black but in a very nice color blue. The last owner was crashed out of a corner so there where all kind off scratches on the side off the bike. As a result, the left side of the motorcycle was badly damaged. The lower fairing had to be replaced, gladly they had at Boonstra Motorcycles spare parts off another Blackbird. That bike was also crashed but the part that I needen was less damaged as the one on the bike I bought. What I also was missing was the left rearview mirror, this good I also get at Boonstra so the bike started to come together again. The nose fairing was badly damaged, the part where the mirror should be was totally gone. So I had to search for a nose fairing, I wanted a original one but then you had to buy it new and that cost around 680 euro. So I was trying to get it second hand but if they had one it was immediately sold. Than you try something else and you look for imitatian fairing sets, you can buy only whole sets at some online companys. At I good order only the nose fairing, so I did that, ordered around 12 of November and then it should take 4 till 6 weeks, It took a little longer because of some strange reasons and came in Februari. I was very happy when it showed up but taht was only for a short time. It fitted on the bike but it looked very bad, there where small gaps between the headlight and fairing and also at the windshield, than also where the mirrors should be where smaller holes and the fairing material was thinner then the original fairing. This was a bad buy, if theres somebody else who’s thinking to buy a imitation fairing set I would say, DON’T DO IT. It will save you a lot of money but you get a heavy headache. Finally I good use the imitation fairing as a donor for my old original fairing. The part that was broken of I saw from the imitation fairing and soldered this in my original fairing. Down below I showed you how I did this, so maybe its usefull for somebody else. What did I use, first a soldering iron, than donor ABS plastic ( I got a sidepanel of my fairing ), sanding paper and a lot of patience. I took a part out of my sidepanel and sand it down till I reach the plastic and good melt it with the soldering iron. ( It must be clean from paint ) After that you sand down the parts who you wanna meld together and start melding it together again. Down below the pictures how I did this, and how it looks now when it came back from the painter.
Project Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird
This is how the Honda Blackbird looks when I bought it at Boonstra in Ureterp, Friesland /  Detta är hur Honda Blackbird ser när jag köpte den på Boonstra i Ureterp, Friesland This is the Blackbird from the back / Detta är Blackbird från baksidan. The Blackbird delivered at home, taking some more pictures / The Blackbird prydligt levereras, tar några fler bilder. Again the CBR with the damaged fairings as I bought it / Like you see, it hit the ground hard / som ni kan se, har det slog i marken hårt. Where the hole is shout be a bold / var hålet är tänkt att vara en skruv. Here the CBR still with the damage nose fairing / Här CBR med fortfarande skadad näsa spackling. Here the CBR without fairing / Här CBR utan näsan spackling. This is the CBR with a imitation fairing that not fit / Här CBR med imitation näsan spackling som inte passar bra. The damage fairing close upp with some drawings on it what I wanna remove / Den skadade näsan spackling nära linjen där på vad jag såga ut. Picture from lower angle / foto från nedre punkten Little tip on the end was also broken of / En annan liten bit avbrutna. It must fit like this / Det bör passa så igen. The imitation fairing what I will use as donor part / Den imitation spackling vad jag kommer att använda som donator del. Ready to get the piece out / Redo att klippa ut. Also ready for the painter / Också redo för målaren. Trying to fit the piece in the fairing / se om de skurna bit kostymer. After fitting the windshield is there a bigger gap / Efter montering av vindrutan är det en större hål. Also a new piece on the end / en ny bit till slutet. Making it smoot with a soldering iron / Här jag slät det med en lödkolv. When its done we take some sanding paper / bara slipas för bättre resultat. Looking smoot, ready for the painter / ser bra ut, redo för målaren. Back from the painter, looks good / tillbaka från måleriet, ser bra ut. You don't see it was damaged / du ser ingenting av skadan. Here I melted it back on / Här är det återigen att smälta. And this looks also great now / Återigen, det här ser bra igen. Must only making the hole bigger for a new bolt / Men även göra hålet större för skruven. Here I put new stickers on / Här jag fastnat nya dekaler. This is a great result / Detta är ett bra resultat. It looks like new now / Han ser åter ut som nytt. From the front it looks also great / Fronten ser bra igen.
After 3 and half month is the Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird finally ready Galdly the weather is now great to so we can go ride again. It took some time but that was because of the imitation fairing that came after 3 months. The painter took two weeks and when I good go and get my repainted fairings it only took a short time to put it all together. So the bike was ready for a new season of riding. I used the Blackbird now for 2 seasons and it was great to drive. Took it last year  for a spin in the Eifel mountains and this year we went to Italy where we drove to the Dolomites mountains. There was only one thing I did not like and that where the scratches on the dynamo cover on the left side of the bike. I found this cover at for a reasonable price. So down here some pictures of with the dameged and new dynamo cover and 2 pictures how the Blackbird now looks.
Here, the old damaged alternator cover / Här den gamla skadade generatorn locket. Here the new alternator cover on the bike / Här den nya generatorn locket på motorn. Here you see that I also have applied rim stripping and the front fork legs have become black / Här ser du att jag också har ansökt fälg strippning och framgaffelbenen har blivit svart. Here the left side of the bike with the new alternator cover / Här den vänstra sidan av motorn med den nya generatorn kåpan.
What did this cost me. First the bike itself 2950,- + 50,- shippingcost. Imitation nose fairing 130,- + 17,50 shippingcost. second hand mirror whit indicator 100,- + 10,- shippingcost. Less damaged left fairing 100,- + 10 shippingcost. Carbon foil 70,95 including shippingcost. Stickers CBR 25,90 including shippingcost. Stickers 1100 Super Blackbird 16,95 including shippingcost. Supporting screw left fairing 12,50 Screws and clamps 25,- Fairingsupport 95,- + 10,- shippingcost. Painting the parts 350,- After 2 year finally the Dynamo cover for 120,- Total: 4093,80 New price in 2005 was then 14950,- todays daily value is 6600,- ( 2013 ) So time for a new project and that will be chancing the camshaft chain tensioner  of my CBR 1000F. So this will be a fun project to.
22 - 01 - 2015