Project Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird


In october 2011 I bought a motorcycle at Boonstra motorcycles in Ureterp ( Friesland ) who was damaged and I good fix upp.
I found a very nice one, this was a Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird, it was not as the name say in black but a very nice color blue.
I think the last owner was over enthusiastic and missed a turn and slided on the side of the motorcycle of the road.
The result, a lot of sliding damage to the leftside of the motorcycle.

The side panel was so damaged that it had to be replaced, luckily the garage where I bought the Honda had another for me
from a Blackbird who was sold in parts, also with sliding damage but with less damage as the one on my motorcycle.
Also, the
left mirror with integrated turn signal was totally disappeared, even those I could get at Boonstra so the Blackbird began again to be quite complete.
The Fairing was also badly damaged, there was actually the part where the mirror was supposed to be totally
broke off.
So I had to find a other Fairing, preferably original, but yeah there you go, a new one costs about 680 euros and a
Fairing damaged by an other demolition mororcycle store are hard to get, and if they have one that is sold in no time.
Then you finaly come into imitation sets of
fairings, which there are several online companies to get one, but then you have to buy a whole set.
Fortunately I was able to order at only one piece of the Fairing, so
I did, ordered around 12 November and it would take
4-6 weeks before
it was there, unfortunately it took a little longer so I received the Fairing early February.
Eventually, I was quite glad I had received the fairing but that was only for a short moment.
It fitted to the motorcycle but it looked really bad, because there was a bad connection around the headlight
and the windschield, then the holes where the mirrors
shoot supposed to be were much smaller and the material was a lot thinner.
This was bad buy, so for everybody who also are thinking about buying a immitation fairing, I would say, DON'T DO THIS.
It shall save you a lot of money instead of
buying a original Fairing but it gives you a lot of headaches.
Eventually I managed to do something with the imitation Fairing, I good use it as a donor part.
The part that was broken off from the original Fairing I replaced it with a p
of the imitation Fairing.
Below I show you how I did that and what you need to do it.

What did  I use, first a soldering iron, then donor ABS plastic (I have a whole side part of a fairing), sandpaper and a lot patience.
From the side panel of the
fairing, I took a piece out of it and sanded it clean so I could melt that with soldering iron.
Then you make
Fairing clean by sanding the paint of and then its ready for melting it together.

Down below some pictures how I repair it and how the Honda Blackbird looks after the painter did his job and I put the parts together again.



This was how the Honda Blackbird stood for sale, here the frontvieuw.

And here the back end of the Blackbird.


The Blackbird was nicely delivered home.

Again the CBR with the damaged fairings, just how I bought it.




The last owner went sliding with this motorcycle.

Where the hole is was the place of a screw, completely worn away on the asphalt.




Here the CBR with damaged Fairing.

Here the CBR without Fairing.

Here the CBR with the imitation Fairing that not fit well enough.





Here a close up from the damaged fairing with a line on it from the part I will cut out

A picture from the damaged fairing shot in a lower angle.




This is the imitation fairing I going to cut up.

I draw the line on it, then I know where to put my saw.




Here the cut out piece taped to the fairing to see if it fit.
Beter put my screen on it to look if it fits then also okay..

After I put my screen on it and screw everything together we see a very big space between
the fairing and the replacement piece.




With the screen on it I saw that the top end not had a nice fit, so again take the
saw and cut that little piece of and melt it together.

Here I take my soldering iron to make it smoother.




After the parts cooldown we take a piece of sandpaper to make it smooth.

After sanding is it almost ready for the painter.




This is the result when it came back from the painter.

I can say, very good job, where was the damage?




One of the ends of the fairing was also broken of.

This is how it must come together again.




Over here the parts melted together.

After sanding is this also ready for the painter.




And this looks also if there was nothing happend to it.

Only the hole have to become a little bigger to get the screw better through it.




Here I put some new stickers on the way I liked it.

And  this is the result.




Nicely painted and everything put together again.

The front looks also like new..



After three and a half month, the Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird is finally ready.
weather is currently perfect so we can take it on the road.
It took a lot longer than I would like but that was because I was waiting on that imitation Fairing who finally turned up and was a bad buy.
Yet I good use a little piece of the immitation fairing to repair the damaged
The painter took another two weeks and when I had everything back, one day later the bike was ready.
Ready for a new motorcycle season.


I have driven now almost two summers with the Blackbird and it was great.
Last year we have been in the Eifel and this year we went back to Italy
were we drove through the Dolomites.
There was only one thing that still annoyed me and that was the damage to the alternator cover on the left side of the engine.
I found this part finally at for a reasonable price.
So below the photos of the damaged and new alternator cover and then two pictures of how the Blackbird is now looking.


Here the old damaged alternator cover.

And here the new alternator cover already fitted to the engine.




If you compare this picture with the picture above the alternator cover pictures you can see that I put rim
stripping on the wheels
and that the fork legs also become black.
I personally think it is a nice improvement.

Here the left side of the engine with the new alternator cover.
Looks a lot better then before.



Now I am ready for my next project, and that's my old CBR 1000F, replace the cam chains in the engine block.
Should a
lso be a fun little project.