In August 2013 I had 2 weeks vakantion and this time I wanted to use to replace the camshaft chain from my CBR 1000F. Last year I wanted to use the bike for driving in wintertime. He was ready for wintertime but the engine would not start. The last time it still ride it was at the Honda dealer for adjusting the valves and there they said already that probably the camshaft chain and the oilpump chain had to be changed. This would be an expensive job because they have to take out the whole engine from the bike to reach the oilpump chain. It should be around 1000 euro and this for a CBR 1000F from 1995 with 165.000 Km on the speedometer, was this it worth. So what do you do, first I suspended it at the RDW ( Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency ) and took it out of the ensurance. Then it was standing in my gagare till August. After a lot off reading on the CBR forum I thought it good be also the camshaft chain tensioner. So I ordered both of the parts and started on this project. In the end I only did replace only the Camshaft chain tensioner and also, because the engine was open, adjust the valves . With a good explanation on a how to do topic on the CBR forum it went all perfect. Here a link to the how to do topic :   Below here the pictures from me chancing the camshaft chain Tensioner.
Project Honda CBR 1000F
Here my engine with pieces of tape on the spark plug cables so that I put back on the right spark plug. Here the engine without the spark plug cables and other tubes. The engine is open with in the middle the camshaft chain guide, and below that the camshaft chain tensioner who had to be changed. Here I removed the chain guide and the two covers who keep the lower camshaft in place. Heres the camshaft removed and the chain is on a hook, also do you see that the chain is locked on the upper camshaft with two tyraps. Here are all the removed parts from the engine, and you see the old and new camshaft chain tensioner. This is the engine without the camshaft chain tensioner, And here you see the new camshaft chain tensioner in the middle of the engine.
After I put everything together with the right torgue, that I got from my Haynes garage book, and inspected and cleaned some switch plugs, it was time o startupp my CBR. I thought, after standing still for a year it would not start, but after the battery was fully loaded again and there was some petrol in the tank I pushed the starting button, the starter went around, this was alreay better than last year when he not went around. After some Bardahl fuel injector cleaner in the petroltank the CBR started within a minut and the engine sounded very good. There’s still a little sound in the engine but thats probably the oilpump chain. If I wanna replace that I have to take off the downpipes and much more and clime underneed my bike, I don’t wanna do that now. I now can drive my bike through the winter so maybe Ill do it in the spring. So I can go for another project.
22 - 01 - 2015