The Islandspolderwalk, I never heard of it but a colleague off me want to walk it because
it should be a very nice walk, what a pity for him he had to work, I was lucky and was free.
He was right it was a very nice event, where you walk through the landscape of Noord Holland.
This event was organized by the ice skating clubs from De Rijp, Oost Graftdijk, West Graftdijk,
Driehuizen, Schermerhorn, Groot Schermer and Graft.
In winter time the ice clubs organize this event also but then you can do it on ice skates,
off course all the water must be frozen, else you have a very long walk on your ice skates.
Now you could do this event by foot, on your bicycle or on skeelers, you good start from one
of the 7 villages you pass during the route.
In the morning they had the official start in De Rijp for the people who went for 30 and 35 Km.
How many people participated on this event I really don't now but it was very sociable event
with lots of activity from walkers, bikers and skeelers.
Everybody was behaving and let each other nicely pass by.
 At every stamp post you good get something to drink or eat for a little price.
Personally I like it very much at the stamp post in Schermerhorn where many folks were
sitting in the sun enjoying a nice cup off coffee and a big piece of apple-pie on the terrace
Café Landswelvaren who was there right on the corner.
Very nice event to do, good organized whit at dangerous crossings traffic controllers
to help you safely to the other side off the road.
There's enough to buy at the stamp post but when you do 35 Km take then some extra water
with you because between Driehuizen and Schermerhorn is nothing you can get
and when its a hot day you can break down there.
This walk is all the way over paved roads, the distance you can do here is 12, 15, 20, 30 or 35 Km.
I went for 35 Km.
What can I tell you more about it, well I had a very good time and meet new
people in a very nice surroundings.
So probable I will be back next year.

This is what you see when you walk from village to village.


Here a little movie from working mills near Schermerhorn I made


More info about this walk can you find here : (only in Dutch )

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update on 17th of August '09