After last year in one week driven through 5 countries we went this year only a long weekend away, we decided to stay closer to home, namely the Eifel in Germany. So the motorcycles were on Friday again packed and fueled, and then we were ready to go. Within a few hours we were from the north of the Netherlands soon in the Eifel on a campsite in the town of Trier which is close to Luxembourg. It was therefore not surprising that the next day we drove into Luxembourg were we also good take some cheap fuel for our bikes. The whole day long we driven in good weather and after a late lunch in Echternach (L) back to Germany and follow a large part of the river Moselle, nice driving along the river. On the autobahn the guys wanted me to tested my Honda CBR 1100 XX Blackbird. I bought this bike in the winter as a damage model and refurbished it back to a nice looking bike. They wanted to know how hard he was doing, at 285 Km on the clock I turned down the trottle. Firstly because my motorcycle jacket crept up and secondly there was a long turn coming up. Luckily it was very quiet on the highway and the Germans having some experience with fast vehicles coming by. They are going out of your way when they see something quick coming, the Dutch simply throw their car before you and think I may drive here. In the night from Saturday to Sunday it started to rain and it looked like it would not stop. So we had a choice, all day in the rain and getting soaked and crawl in the evening into your tent or a half day in the rain driving home, a nice shower in the evening and into your own bed. It was the last, too bad the weekend was ruined by the rain. Luckily we had already decided to go in 2013 a long week and then probably to France and Italy to drive from Alpe d 'Huez to the Stelvio pass. I think that's a very nice ride, so on to next year.
Those motorcycles are ready for the trip. Okay, there are the other guys. The first stop close to Hilversum because one off the guys lost almost something. The guys are looking at my Honda CBR 1100 XX. They say it looks nice, I fixed it up, last owner crashed with it. We found a campingsite in Trier. Everybody put up there own tent and throws his stuff inside it. All the tents are standing so time to relax with some coffee. Yes we have to eat something, but why does they always serve a salade with it. No green stuff for me. Everybody his own shotglass, offcourse not riding your bike after some shots. A nice bag off peanuts is always good. And offcourse we like a good beer. well there are you sitting next to your tent. Nice view over the vines next to the river Moesel. Good living here, because of the view but also for the good roads. Strech our legs before we go on. It rained al night, so we desided to go home. Where is the best place to fault up your tent. Yes under need this shelter. Nice gasoline prizes overhere, so fill up the tank. Lets go home.
16 - 01 - 2015
Motorcycle trip to Germany 2012