Bornholm Rundt Marchens 2006

I heard off this walking event on the Danish island Bornholm from my Swedish friends when I was on my way to
the Arctic Circle March and stayed one night over at there house.
First they wanted too walk in Viborg ( Denmark ) but they decided too do this walk one week later,
what also was better to do for me because off the time between the two walking events.
I would use this as a extra training for mine eighth 4 days off Nijmegen walk and I must say I did like it very much.
You are walking here three days from one point on the island till the next point where you then stay for the night,
your gear is then already transported from the start too the place where you will be that evening.
Over those three days you walk 125 Km and maybe  30% is on asphalt road, so you see here a lot off nature,
to be exact, you are walking following the coast shore with on your left side all the time the  Baltic sea,
crossing forests, rocky slope, high cliffs and nice beaches.
You start your first day (Friday) in the harbor town of R
ønne on the Almegårds kaserne and walking too
the top off the island where you have beautiful views over the sea and parts of the island.
The nicely nature paths you walking over are in good condition to walk on
and brings you after 30 Km in the town Allinge/Sandvig.
Here we spend the night in a gymnasium .
Because the next day we had too walk 45 Km everybody went early to bed because the start was at 5.30.
A alarm clock was not necessary because the next day they started with nice Hawaiian music and the voice off one
of the organizations who was telling us quietly it was time to get up this morning. 
After breakfast it was time for the second stage of this event who was held this year for the 30ste time.
This day the stage went from Allinge/Sandvig to Nexø whit again very nice surroundings and so often a nice steep hill
to cross over, where you must put some extra energy in to your legs too take it.
Also this day my Swedish friends and I took with not much trouble, maybe there was a little blister but we fixed that ourselves.
 In the school where we should stay that night you good also go to one of the classrooms where the had a
medical team  if you had muscle pain or a lot off blisters and good not take care of it your self.
That night they had organized a dance where I went with one off the Swedish ladies where I walked with but with
a agreement that we should leaf at 22.00 because the next day we had to do 50 Km and start at 5.00. 
When you start the last day you are leaving the town of Nexø and goes in the direction
of the beach where you walk over till you go into the forest.
Like the other days you have very nice views but this time over cornfields with in the background again the Baltic Sea.
The last day you walk over local roads and bicycle paths and brings you through
the harbor of
Rønne back to the Almegårds kaserne where you started.
I must say this was a nice 3 days event where 369 people showed up at the start, 70 of them where from
the island Bornholm then you had 47 from Sweden and 1 from the Netherlands
( That was me , went there by  motorcycle ) and the other people where from Denmark.
There where 53 walkers who did not make it and maybe that was because of the hot weather ( around 30 Celsius ).
Okay end conclusion its 125 Km long in 3 days, most of the time you are walking on forest or rocky paths,
with around every  5 / 10 Km a medical post or food stand where you can relax for a couple of minutes.
Bornholm is 3 and a half in size bigger then the Dutch island Texel and you can reach it from
Sassnitz ( Germany ) with the ferry one time a day or from the Swedish city Ystad  4 time a day
( for information about the ferry service ).
I will be back once to walk here again but not this year I think.


Here some pictures

More info over the Bornholm Rundt Marchens you find here the site is still in Danish but in a view weeks also in English and German.

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