The Evening 4 days of Schoorl/Groet 2012

           This year it was already the third time that the four-day evening event was hosted by the new organization.
           Just like last year, they mapped out other routes, what makes this event different.
           The first evening was started at Pavilion Struin in Camperduin formerly known as Pavilion Minkema.
           First we went through the polder, then through the dunes
the beach and back to Pavilion Struin.
              Day two we started at Cafe MereBoer, from there we went through the town of Groet into the polder to turn back
to Groet
           and then walk along the forest back to Cafe Mere Boer.

           The third night we started like last year at the Visitorcentre SchoorlseDuinen.
           A beautiful route through the forest and dune area which lies behind
Schoorl, another nice new route were there was a lot to see.
           The last day started again at the bottom of the climbing dune in Schoorl.
           From here we walked towards Bergen where we walked behind Hotel Blooming and then back through the forest towards Schoorl
           where you
ended on top of the climbing dune from there you only had to go down
to the finish.
           They had with this third edition
a lot of luck with the weather because the weeks before it was terrible weather.
           Here we had just four days that you could walk in your t-shirt and that because of the  nice warm weather these days.
           This year was again a great success, so on to next year for the fourth edition


                                                                                            Here some pics from the evenig walk 2012



            The Evening 4 days of Schoorl/Groet 2011

            Also this year they organized the evening fourdays.
        A nice surprise was that they had new routes for the edition of 2011.
            The starting points were from four different places, just like last year
Just like last year was the start the first evening at Pavilion in Minkema Camperduin, the route ran through the polder
you pass the Hondsbossche sleeperdike and follow the Hargervaart
back till Groet
Eventually you'll cross over the Heereweg to go into the dunes in the direction of the beach.
            From there you go over the beach back to the finish at Paviljoen Minkema.
            Day two we started at Restaurant de Bokkesprong, from there we went first again into the polder to come back and go over the
            Heereweg again into the forest and dune area.
            After a nice walk through this area, not affected by the forestfires we came back at the finish at Restaurant de Bokkensprong.
The third night was started at the Visitor Centre Schoorlse Duinen.
We could start at 1800 under need a nice evening sun.
This third evening was the route perfect, and I must say maybe also the heaviest, because after a nice part through the
            forest we went from the vogelmeer into the dunes where we had to follow the blue and white arrows route.
            These routes are existing routes through the dunes and the paths are going through the loose dune sand

After a big part to have gone through the dunes we reached the vogelmeer again where we go along with the 5 km walkers.
            Here we went through last year burned down area where now all trees were cut down, a very sad
side to look at
            After a short part through the forest we come back at the finish at
Visitor Centre Schoorlse
The last evening we started from the Red Square at the bottom of the climbing dune.
            Also now there was a nice evening sun and a pleasant atmosphere on the Red Square, where many children of the 5 Km
            were dressed as witches, princess and I even spotted spongebob
The last route was swinging through Schoorl, if you think that there are beautiful houses in Bergen, in Schoorl you find also
            very nice houses in equally beautiful avenues.
After four evenings came also a end to this second evening four days of Schoorl, that again was a big success.
             I'm sure this will come back in a sequel next year, so I say
see you next year

                                                                                            Under some pictures of the evening four days of 2011




            The Evening 4 days of Schoorl/Groet 2010

            It was many years ago this event was walked, now a new organisation decided to start this walking event again.
            And I can say, they did a good job, because they made nice routes around Schoorl and Groet.
            Also they where very lucky, because of the nice weather a lot of people came to walk this event.
            The fun part of this event was the start, every evening you started from a different location.
            The distance you good do where 5 of 10 km, I choose the last one because I needed some extra practice for Alkmaar walk.
            The first day the start was at Paviljoen Minkema in Camperduin,
where we went in the direction of Petten, we walked over
            the Hondsbossche Zeewiering next to the seashore.
            After a small kilometer we had to go over the dike in to the polder.
            Walking through the polder in the direction of Groet where at Restaurants Heereweg a small refreshment was for everybody.
            From there we went into the woods going to Hargen where we went on the beach following the seaback to Paviljoen Minkema
            were the finishline was.
            On day two the start was on the Kerkbrink in Groet, here stands also a small White church close to the centre of Groet.
            First we went through and then around a neigbourhood where the streets have all birdnames.
            After that neighbourhood they send us into the dunedistrict near Groet.
            Here we came through the area where last August was the big fire.
            Not a nice sight but it started already to recover, here and there was already some green to see, mostly grass and because of that
            they have put some sheep and cows in the area to take care of to much grass growing there.
            Also is there a nice dunelake where if you are lucky can spot a spoonbill.
            Day two was also a very nice and varying route.
            On day three the start was at the local firestation of Schoorl.
            From here we walked on the outside of Schoorl, there we made a 10 km loop through the farmland with a good view on the
            town of Schoorl and the forrest and dunes behind it.
            We leave the farmland behind us and go through Schoorl, at the sanddune of Catrijp was something to drink and was there for
            a bag of chips or a stroopwafel.
            I was so suprised to see so many new things of this town.
            The last day we started again from a nice location, it was the Red Lionsquare ( in Dutch Roode Leeuwplein ).
            Whit a lot of balloons and some good music there was a good atmosfeer.
            This last day the route went the most part through Schoorl and for the walkers on the 10 km there was a little loop in the last
            3 kilometers through the forrest.
            At the finish was it very cosy and there was also somebody interviewing the walkers how they like the 4 days.
            This evening four days was a nice and good event with beauiful routes in the area of Schoorl and Groet.
            This one shall I do again, so see you maybe next year.


                 Some Pictures 

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