How nice is it to walk in your hometown, well that is very nice to do I can say.
I live my hole life in Bergen and still I came on new places around my town where I never been.
The first evening four days in Bergen was organized 20 years ago.
All those years I read about it, so this year I decided to walk it for a chance.
You could choose from 2 distances, namely 5 or 10 Km, I choose to do the 10 Km to get a little distance
and to walk of the stiffness in my legs from my walk weekend in Luxemburg.
The first day we started at the soccer club BSV, the route went through my hometown Bergen.
There were a lot off people who came to this event, mostly where children with there parents who choose to walk 5 Km.
Until we reach the crossing were the 5 and 10 Km go there own way was it very cozy but also hard to walk, but that's
one off the things when you do this and you walk between talking parents and playing children.
Day two started from the Kiefthoek at soccer club Berdos there the 5 and 10 km walkers went directly
there own way, the 5 km walkers go into Bergen and the 10 km went in the direction of Alkmaar.
We walk over the Groeneweg, passing playground de Batavier, then a short piece through Alkmaar,
passing Athletics club Hylas, to walk back over the bicycle path in the direction of Bergen. 
Then over the land off a local flower farmer we following the Bergerringvaart ( this is a canal ) back to the Kiefthoek.
Day three we started again at the soccer club BSV to walk up with the 5 km in to the town of Schoorl.
When we came to where we split up the 10 km walkers get another nice route to walk.
After this nice detour we went back in the direction of Bergen to get finally back at the soccer club.
The last day we started on the edge off the forest from the Van Reenenschool.
The 10 km walkers where going to Bergen aan Zee to walk a part through the dune area.
After the loop through the dunes you walked straight into the Bergerbos where at the refreshment stand the 5 km walkers,
who started a half hour later, join the 10 km walkers again.
Finally we get a festive treat at the Hertenkamp in the center of Bergen
where the local Harmony play some tunes to get all the walkers over the finish line.
The evening four days of Bergen is a nice organized event and shows you a very nice part of the town Bergen.
Its worth to do this again, so see you next year.


Here some pictures
The first 4 pictures from day 3 to the town Schoorl, the other pictures from the area between Bergen aan Zee and Bergen.

Info about the Evening four days walk from Bergen on there website : (Only in Dutch)


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Updated on 16th of June '09