Walking Fourdays Apeldoorn 2012  


This year I went here for the third time because I enjoyed the previous editions so much.
This year I went also on my
motorcycle to the four-days event, and just like the years before it was nice and easy
parking at Victoria Boys soccer club and only 150 meters from start.
The start was again between 06:30 and 07:30 for the 40 Km where I had registered for.

The first two days it was nice weather and that walks a lot better.
It always is better if the weather nice, and when you
meet some people were you can have a nice conversation with
then the four-day is almost succeeded, okay you still have to walk to the finish.

Day two was the longest again this year namely 43.8 Km.
On day three, the weather was not nice, with occasional rain and the night before a lot of rain some places in the route where under water.
Because everything still went smoothly
we already came at the last day, and also this last day went fairly smoothly.
Another scenic route and the weather was varied, occasional sunshine and then a bit of rain.
Eventually I did reach the finish for the third time,
so I guess I will be here also
next year again.


Here below some pictures from 2012.



Walking Fourdays Apeldoorn 2011

I was this year for the second time in Apeldoorn, because I had such a good time overhere last year.
Also this year I went on my motorcycle to this event, because it was easy parking at the sportscomplex from
Victoria Boys and also it was then close to the start and finish place.
I good start every day between 06:30 and 07:30 for the 40 Km, this was the distance I would walk overhere.
The first day went ver well, this was because it was very good weather.
Day two was harder, first because of the rain and second it was the longest distance of the week, namely 43,8 Km.
Day three was already better again and not because of the weather, it was still raining, and because of the rain some parts
of the route was flooded.
I did not now that Apeldoorn was a water rich area.
Before you knew it the last day was there, this went very smooth.
Again a nice route and the weather was also very beautifull, a nice sunny day and almost now wind.
So I did this for the second time and finished also, so I guess I will be here next year to.


This are the picture's of 2011.


 Walking Fourdays Apeldoorn 2010


I heard a lot about the four days of Apeldoorn, but because Nijmegen was always 1 week later did I not go there.
This year, after eleven times that I walked in Nijmegen I decided to go for the four days of Apeldoorn.
Now I asked myself, why did I waited so long to go there.
When I went there to get my starting card, somebody pointed out a nice spot on the premises from soccerclub Victoria Boys where I
good park my motorcycle and said to me " there you can park him everyday, when you go walking we can keep a eye on it"
that gives you a secured feeling the your motorcycle is safe when you are walking.
Then I went to the stand to get my card, no long lines where you must wait a half hour to get your startingcard, very relaxed.
Day 1. I was there a quarter to seven and the big group on the 40 and 50 Km where already gone, the next group of walkers where already at the start
but they where ready for the 30 Km, but there start was around 7:30, so i slipped through, got my first hole in my card and started my first day.
First I thought, that will be a hell of a job to follow al the lines in the routebook, but very soon I saw that the route was pointed out
whit arrows who were tapped on fences, pickeds, trees and even in bushes, very easy to follow.
It was at once a nice walk, first a small forest and after a short walk through Apeldoorn we went back into the forest
in the direction of Beekbergen and further in the direction of the town Loenen.
Overhere you just walk over small land, sand or gravel roads and you can enjoy the nature as much as you like.
This is very different as where you walk through in Nijmegen, I like this more because its better and much nicer.
Day 2. I was curious what this day would bring me, so in the morning I started again with good spirit.
Today the organisation send us into the forest around Apeldoorn in the direction of Elspeet and Uddel,
also we come over the premises of Crown Domain Het Loo and they let us walk over heath of Uddel.
What a variation this day, forest, heath and no crowded routes, I enjoy myself very much.
Day 3. After the heavy weather from the night before I expected that the route through the forest would be very muddy, but it was not, gladly.
Today the route went too Kootwijk, Assel and Hoog-Soeren, they say this is the hardest day to walk because of the sand area around Kootwijk.
It was not as hard as I expected, just like the heatharea between Halte Assel and Hoog-Soeren, but thats for everyone different.
This thirth I again enjoy the nature where I walked through.
Day 4. Yes already the last day, time flys when you are having fun.
This day brings us in the direction of Ugchelen, Woeste Hoeve and Hoenderloo.
And again it was a very nice route through the province Gelderland in the area around Apeldoorn, I understand that people go here for holiday.
The celebration of the last Km ar different then in Nijmegen, and they don't want it like that but that makes it not les sociable.
On the premises of Victoria Boys was enough food and drinks you can get and a DJ was making music.
This four day event is marvelous to walk if you like nature, if you are more into hard road walking then you are on the wrong spot.
In the four days that you walk here, you walk i guess 90% over unpaved paths like gravel, forest and sandpaths, the other 10% is hard road.
I only had one bidon water with me anything else I bought at the refresmentpoints, who where sometimes far apart.
So I enjoy everyday a nice cup with fresh fruit for 2,50 and a cup of soup for 1,50 , also very nice was the meatloaf in Kootwijk
for 1,50 and that big icecream ( 20 cm high ) for 1,90 at Eethuis Halte Assel.
What I mean to say is that there where reasonable prices, clean prices and not commercial prices.
The distance you can do here are 20, 30, 40 and 50 Km,I hoose the 40 Km and I liked it very much.
It was not busy on the routes in spite of  3600 walkers over the different distances.
I know for sure where I am in 2011 from 12 till 15 juli, overhere in Apeldoorn when this is held for the 58th time.
So see you next year.


Here some pictures i took during the walk, there are more pictures in a webalbum who you can find on the link below.


More info on there website: www.nwb-wandelen.nl/vierdaagse-apeldoorn/ ( only in Dutch )

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Update on 20 Juli '11