The Alkmaarse Walking four days 2012

After last year's 5th anniversary of the four days of Alkmaar,
this year it was the 6th time this event was held, this time only with fewer entries, namely 7343.
From these eventually 7060 did start, and of these there were 397 walkers on the 37.5 as I did this year.
After an evaluation on the 5th edition, the organization decided to merg the 45 and 35 Km together and make the new distance of 37.5 km.
Again the routes had small changes here and there what primarily served the security, which was a positive thing.
Also this year the 37.5 and 25 Km were send in Egmond aan Zee through the Hotel Zuiderduin, where
at the entrance to a choir was singing, again a nice surprise.
The 37.5 Km went from Egmond aan zee over the beach to Camperduin aan zee where we left at Pavilion Struin the beach.
From there it went again through the woods and along the dunes behind Schoorl, passing the Berenkuil to go in the direction of Bergen,
to get out of Bergen over the Groeneweg to Alkmaar where we finishde again at the Meent.
The other days were all spotless, no rain, a lot of sunshine and the last 2 days more windy .
Also, again we visited the same monuments like the Broeker auction on day 2 and Fort Spijkerboor on day 3.
The last day we started with lots of wind, and fortunately the rain stayed away.
It was quite cloudy but by the time I reached Alkmaar the sun broke through again, so it was nice to walk the last view Km to the finish.
This year unfortunately no sunflower due to a disappointing harvest, instead we got an artificial sunflower with a face on it.
In the Langestraat the organization had again laid down the red carpet like the year before, a pity that the people that was shopping
did not think about
the walkers who were on there way to the finish.
At the finish line was again a big party going on with DJ Andries de Swart, who talked everything back together.
This year it was again a joy to walk, thanks to the nice weather and the little changes in the routes.
Distances this year were 8.5, 15, 20, 25 and 37.5 km.
So there is plenty of choice for young and old to come here and do this event.

Next year is the seventh time that it will be held, and I'm there again.
So see you all next year.


The 7th Plus Walking 4 Days of Alkmaar will be held in 2013 from 19 till 22 juni.

Pictures above from day 1 on the 37,5 Km, Dunes and Beachroute

Pictures above from day 2 and 3 on the 37,5 from the Schermerroute and Heilooer and Beemsterroute

Pictures above from day 4 on the 37,5 from the Geestmeerambachtroute


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The Alkmaarse Walking four days 2011              

This year it was the anniversary version of the Alkmaar Walking four days.
For the 5th time this event was held, and again with more entries, namely 7898.
Only 7708 started from the 7898, there were 752 walkers who also started in all the other years.
I was also one of those participants who participate in all those 5 years.
My guest from Sweden
also come over, unfortunately he participated for the 4th time this year.
The routes did had some small changes here and there what had primarily served the safety of the walkers, which was positive.
This year also, the 45, 35 and 25 km where send in Egmond aan Zee through Hotel Zuiderduin, where
in one of the rooms a choir was singing, a nice surprise.

In the dunes near Hargen aan zee some people from the 35 km
went wrong because some school kids turned some
arrows the other way, luckily they came back
on the existing route
after 1 km.
The other days were all spotless, despite the rain from the start on day 2.
Also, again the same monuments where visited, like the  Broeker auction on day 2 and Fort Spijkerboor on day 3.

Because it was the jubilee, there were a couple of acts to see
like a Sheep Shepherdess with sheep,
 a cow show, a horse show, a kite show on the beach and there were even elephants spotted during the hike.
Under this report are some pictures with a few of these

On the last day we had some different weather, then some rain and then a dry time.
Luckily it started to be better from half past twelve so the
last view Kilometers went in nice sunny weather.
In the Langestraat the organization had a red carpet laid down for all jubilees,
and also for the other walkers, of course, at the finish was also a large video screen where everyone
who walked for the fifth time was announced when the crossed the finishline.
A very nice surprise was the new medal and pin f
the fifth time.


Next year it will be the 6th time for this event, and I now fore sure i will be there.
See you next year.

The 6th Plus Walking4Days of Alkmaar will be held in 2012 from 20 till 23 june.

The picture are taken by my guest from Sweden, Ove Hillbom came this year to walk it for the 4th time.


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The Alkmaarse Walking four days 2010

This was already the fourth time that this event was organized.
And with a new record on participants ( 7371 walkers ).
Day 1: The start was just like the other years at speedskating stadium de Meent.
First we went in de direction of Egmond where they had a nice walking suprise, instead of going around
hotel Zuiderduin, the send us through the hotel, very funny to look inside a hotellike that.
At Egmond aan Zee we went on the beach, and after about 12 km over the beach near Hargen they send us into the dunes.
Here we came accros the area who was hit through fire last year near the town of Schoorl.
A very sad sight to see all the trees who did not survive the fire.
Ones we get at Il Primo near Bergen from the dune area there's a new change in the route.
Not straight ahead over the Breelaan but right over the parkinglot into the forrest till we meet the 25 km,
and walk along with them to the centre of Bergen.








Overhere the the stampling post had a new location, this year it was around the Ruïnekerk.
There is enough space for all the walkers to rest and get something to eat and drink.
From there it was back over Groeneweg  into Alkmaar and speed skating stadium de Meent.
Day 2: This day started like last year at swimmingpool de Hoornse vaart, from there we went to Oterleek.
Here was also a change, the stamplingpost was moved from Restaurant de Gouden Karper
till the farm de Bietenhaven before je come to Rustenburg.
Between Rustenburg and Hensbroek the route was compleetly changed, what a good and nicer solution was.
From the stamplingpost near Obdam the route was also changed with the result
that you came in Heerhugowaard from the otherside, also a better solution.
When you pass Restaurant Babylon the route stays till de Hoornse vaart the same.
This year there was no free lunchpacket at de Broekerveiling because Super de boer supermarket was taken
over by the Jumbo supermarket and they would not sponser this, a missed oppertunity.
Maybe they will do it nexxt year
Day 3: Like every year start was at AZ Stadium.
Today the 45 and 35 km walkers go into the Beemster and the other distances stay on the other side off the
Noord-Hollands canal, they go through Akersloot, Limmen and Heiloo.
The 45 and 35 Km routes are almost not different then last year.
Also Fort Spijkerboor was again stampling and rest spot in the route, what a nice location is.
To bad it stays not dry today, we got some rain in the last kilometers.
Day 4: This day started from the same spot als the years before, Sportcomplex Oosterhout.
The routes where almost the same as the years before with small changes.
Like the route to Geestmeerambacht.
From Geestmeerambacht in the direction of Warmehuizen, there the 45 Km walkers get an extra 10 km loop,
to go then to Schoorldam and Koedijk passing the Noord-Hollands canal walking back into Alkmaar.
Also this last day we did not keep it dry, but everybody stays good under it.

Next year it will be the 5th time for this event, and I now fore sure i will be there.
See you next year.

The 5th Plus Walking4Days of Alkmaar will be held in 2011 from 15 till 18 juni.

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The Alkmaarse Walking four days 2009

Just like last year Le Champion organized for the 3rd time the Alkmaarse Walking four days.
On the first day they made a change, this year we started from the inside of the speed skating stadium de Meent.
Where in winter time the ice is laying, there was now the start and finish area.
Here you get your first stamp and where you scanned ( chip on your shoe-lace ) and where you leaving
the speed skating arena in the direction of Egmond.
After a nice route through the farming fields, over the beach and through the dune area you came in Bergen,
from here you go in the direction of Alkmaar where you finish again in the speed skating stadium.
When you walk into the stadium you must walk a half round for your last stamp of the day and
you will be watched by the people in the centre of the ice track who already finished.
Day two, also known as the Schermer route, starts on the same spot as last year from swimming pool the Hoornse vaart.
Here they made a change at the Broekerveiling ( auction ) in Broek op Langedijk, last year we stand for a
half hour in the rain waiting for our stamp and lunch bag .
Because the expected more walkers this year and got those extra walkers, ( more the 5800 registries ) they decided
to let the walkers go around the auction site for there stamp and lunch bag and for who want to go through it, it was free to go.
On day three we started again from the AZ stadium just like the years before, the 35 km route was also the same
as last year except for the finish, they had open the gates of the stadium and let us walk through a little pieces of the stadium.
To bad it was just a small part of the stadium, ( passing at the back of the goal ) it would be nicer to
go around through the whole stadium rounding the field.
Day four was also the same as last year.
From Cafe de Bonte Koe in Koedijk the party to the finish started already slowly and when you reach the
 Waagplein in Alkmaar the party got really loose.
On our way to the finish ( my Swedish guest and me ) we met the lady where he changed his Viking helmet
for her
white farmers wife cap, they changed again and the lady got extra a blue and yellow wig.
It was again a fun and beautiful walk so I will be there next year to.

The picture are taken by my guest from Sweden, Ove Hillbom came this year to walk it for the 3rd time.

Day 1 the start, walkers on the Nesdijk and music in the center of Bergen.

Day 3 the start from 25 Km from DSB stadium, music inside and walkers coming back at the stadium.

Day 4 walkers on there way in the polder, the goose parade.

At cafe De Bonte Koe before the walkers, all alone with a nice cold beer, and live music.

The new mill in the town Koedijk, on our way next to the canal, Beemstercheese girl at the Mill from Piet, everybody on there
way too the Waagplein, arrival and party time at the Waagplein.

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The Alkmaarse Walking four days 2008

This year Le Champion organized for the 2nd time the Alkmaarse Walking four days,
and again it was a very varying walking event whit little changes.
They changed the distance this year, only the
7,5 was the same, the other routes became longer because last
year everybody walked already more so the routes where now 15, 25, 35 and 45 Km.
They did this because they want to show the people the nice spots around Alkmaar.
I choose this year for 35 Km, so day 1 was almost the same as last year.
The start was at ice speed skating track de Meent, from there we went through Egmond till Egmond on the Sea
over the beach passing Bergen on the Sea and then at Hargen on the Sea into the dunes of Schoorl,
from there you go to Bergen and then again in the direction of the ice speed skating track de Meent in Alkmaar.
Day 2 looked also familiar to me, only we started from a different place in Alkmaar,
namely at swimming pool de Hoornse vaart. Very easy to reach with lots of parking space,
but that filed up very fast because there where more walkers then last year ( last year 2700 and this year 4200 walkers ).
Day 3 started again from the AZ stadium and the route was only changed after the town De Rijp,
the 45 Km went over a whole new route, they walked through towns named Groot Schermer, Schermerhorn and Stompetoren
and then back to Alkmaar, the 35 Km where going from De Rijp till the small village of Graft and Noordeinde and then zigzag
 through the region named the  Schermer following the canal Noordervaart to come back at the AZ stadium in Alkmaar.
Day 4 started just like last year from
Sport centre Oosterhout.
Here the changed the route at
recreation site Geestmeerambacht because there was the same day a music festival called
Indian Summer, I though it was a nicer route because you went all around the lake, I hope that they not change this back.
At the town of Koedijk the had also a better solution, we skipped the busy road named Kanaaldijk and
went over the little road on the back of the houses on the Kanaaldijk.
Again it was party time at Café de Bonte Koe with live music and a nice cold beer.
After a short break we walked to the finish on the Waagplein in Alkmaar,
where the party already started with some good music.
Everybody had a good time on the Waagplein.








My Swedish guests enjoyed this ( Orange ) party and one  off them even swapped his
Swedish Viking cap for a typical white farmers wife cap whit orange pigtails.
Again it was a good organized event, so I see you next year because I will be there again.


Pictures Day 1 of the 35 Km, the town Egmond, the beach and Schoorlse dunes.

Pictures Day 2 of the 25 and 35 km.

Pictures Day 3 of the 35 km, the town Driehuizen and De Rijp.                                                   Pictures Day 3 of the 25 km and beer in DSB stadion.


Pictures Day 4 Finish on Waagplein and party after finishing.

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The Alkmaarse Walking four days 2007

This was a new walking event held from 27 till 30 June almost in my back garden in a city called Alkmaar.
This I walked as preparation for the four days of Nijmegen.
Because it was a new event I thought maybe its something for my friends in Sweden too walk this also.
So 3 off them decided to come too Alkmaar.
The registration did not go good for them so with my help and from the organisation
Le Champion good we registered them after the closing date.
One day before the start the folks from Sweden arrived at my house and after dinner we went to the official
opening from this event where you at the same time good get your starting card for the next day.
They decided to walk a shorter distance then me, they choose the 12, 5 and the 20 km and I went for the 40 km.
So the next day I started around 07.00 by the Alkmaarse speed skating track the Meent.
On the first day the organisation send you in the direction off the beach from Egmond on sea,
from there you walk all the way to Hargen on sea where you go through the forests off Schoorl in the direction
off my hometown called Bergen, from there you leave the centre off Bergen too Alkmaar where you pass
a old military airport to finish finally again at the speed skating track.
Day 2 starts on a different spot in Alkmaar by a place called district centre The Oever in Oudorp what a part is from Alkmaar.
 From there you walk directly on to the Westfriese Omringdijk who brings you in to the area called the schermer,
there you pass a old mill with the name De Otter , this is one off the many mills in the area you will pass that day.
From the little town Oterleek the 30 and 40 km goes along the Schermerringvaart to the small town Rustenburg where you
get a detour till Heerhugowaard-Noord to finally reach the Broeker auction where the give you a nice lunch packet.
After lunch you walk from Broek op Langedijk through St.Pancras where you come back at the finish in Oudorp.
On day 3 you start from the soccer stadium off AZ what’s on the outside off Alkmaar, this day the
12, 5 and 20 km walk a whole different route then the 30 and 40 km.
The shorter distance are not crossing the Noord Holland’s canal but walking too Akersloot, Limmen and Heiloo and then
back to the stadium, the walkers on the longer distance walking through the nice little towns as Zuidschermer, Driehuizen,
West-Graftdijk, de Rijp and then passing Grootschermer back to the DSB stadium.
The last day you start again from a other location, this time its at Sports centre Oosterhout.
This day you pass again some nice location like the mills from the Oudorperhout and recreation site Geestmeerambacht,
and also again you go through some nice little farmer towns with the names as Warmenhuizen, Tuitjenhorn and Eenigenburg.
 From there we walk to Alkmaar but not before we had something to drink in a cafe in Koedijk.
In Alkmaar the send you over the old city walls to the, for people from Alkmaar, famous mill of Piet where you go with
music from a brass band through one off the local shopping streets to the finish at the Waag, what is the place where they
sell in the early days the cheeses, now they have every Friday in summertime for the tourists a cheese market there.
When you have done your walk, you get at the finish your well earn medal. This new walking event was in hands off a
good organisation, there where lots of service points during the walk and off course on the second day the free lunch packet
 You good choose from 5 different distances and even 2 special Nordic walking routes.
Distances you good do where 7
, 5, 12, 5, 20, 30 and 40 km.
From the route I walked was maybe 10% over unpaved road (beach and grassland) the other 90% went over paved road.
In the first edition started 2700 participants and I think this will be more next year.
Personally I found the first day the best one because off the different nature you pass and also I liked the
auction site in Broek op Langedijk just like the finish in the soccer stadium.
Next year I will do it again but then the 30 km because the 10 extra km gives nothing extra,
so the only thing I can now say is see you next year in Alkmaar.

Here some pictures, not taken by me   



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