The Airborne Marches 2006

The Airborne March is the biggest one day walking event in the world  , this year it was the 60th time it was
organized by the Police sports club from the town off Renkum , in this edition 33.000 people started .
For me it was the first time I participated and I did this for a friend of me because his uncle was
there for the 50
th to walk this march , so I thought this was a nice opportunity to do this walking event .
We decided too walk 25 Km , but you good also go for another distance like 10 , 15 or 40 Km .

The Airborne March is a march in commemoration of the Battle of Arnhem of September 1944 and brings
you along the battlefields and drop zones of the operation Market Garden from that time .
Also is this walk a homage to the 1700 soldiers who where killed in action during the Battle of Arnhem .
This event has a big family feeling to it because there's a lot off parents walking with kids there , and also are there off course
 soldiers from the Netherlands and foreign countries walking and from those soldiers a part is old soldiers and veterans .
Also has this event the feeling off the 4 days of Nijmegen were a lot off people sitting next to the road and are cheering at
you  , also there are some music bands on the end who join the walkers and bring them to the finish with music .
With other words this is a great event to put on your to do list , for me ,
I am going to do this a couple off time more in the next coming years .
This tour brings you most of the time over paved road and sometimes you go into the forest and is it unpaved ,
this event is every first Saturday in September at Oosterbeek near Arnhem ,
so people see you this year at the Airborne.

More info over the Airborne marches can you find here

Gladly we still got the pictures  

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